2250 Dundas St
Vancouver, BC V5L

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April 2011

My wife was finding bites on herself and at first. we thought it was an allergy. After comparing the bites to pics online, and hearing earlier reports of bedbugs in our building, we suspected bedbugs.
First we tossed our old couch and thoroughly cleaned the suite. But she was still getting bites!
Then found a female bedbug with a bunch of eggs underneath our skirt for our boxspring. Tossed the skirt, sprayed Flying & Crawling Insect Killer and placed tupperware dishes un

der the bedposts.
Since then, no bedbugs......

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Suite 205

I moved in Dec 2008. One week after moving in, I received a notice that one suite in the building had bed bugs and mine had to be treated as a precaution. This was done properly, as the pest control company treated the building 4 times, 2 weeks apart. I had about a 2 month reprieve before finding 3 bedbugs in MY suite in April. Unfortunately, the pest control company refused to treat any suites other than mine, as should be done. Because they failed to treat my suite multiple t

imes, 2 weeks apart I dealt with having to keep my belongings in bags until moving out, now - NOVEMBER 2009, as I found another bug in June. I basically had to live with my belongings in bags for the entire 1 year tenancy.

This building clearly has a permanent bed bug problem, and is not dealt with properly by the management.

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In June of this year I put the mysterious black spots and blood spots on my sheets together with the itchy bites on my body and clued in that my third floor apartment could have bedbugs. A bit of research online and I was able to catch a bug in my bed. I called my building manager, who arranged for a pest control agent to inspect my suite within a week-and-a-half of my first email. The agent confirmed bedbugs, and arranged to begin treatment the following week. Thankfully, my building manager h

as been responsive to the problem and the pest control agent has been helpful in directing me to useful resources. My suite is being treated over four visits, scheduled every two weeks. Hopefully the treatments, following the various recommendations for ridding an infestation, and future precautions will take care of the problem and prevent this from happening again. That said, this is the second time bedbugs have been found in the building. In February of 2007 I received a noticed from the company that owns the building stating bedbugs had been found in suites in the building and they would be conducting an inspection. I suspect bedbugs will be a recurring problem in this building from now on.

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