225 N Nanaimo St
Vancouver, BC V5L
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My family encountered a terrible bed-bug infestation at #201-225 N.Nanaimo street, Vancouver V5L 3G5, BC, Canada at the end of October 2007. We are sure the bed-bugs came from our neighbours, because we saw a pest brigade entering their apartment a couple of weeks before. We asked Mrs. Chan, the lanlady, to call the pest team as soon as possible, but she refused to cooperate with us in finding an efficient pest company. In a couple of days she called a 'specialist' from Green Valley Pest Control

. After two treatments, the company gave up and said the only thing left was to replace the matrasses or to buy a pest covering. The landlady refused to do anything at all, saying she gave us a clean place a year ago and it was not her business anymore. We placed a claim against the landlady in the Residential Tenancy Board and are now waiting for the hearing. We also had to find another apartment in Vancouver and moved soon afterwards.

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