2215 Dundas St
Vancouver, BC V5L

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Just moved in and now im finding bites on me and I checked the mattresses and found some little critters living on it..GROSS!! I thought I found a safe and healthy home for my children! Doesnt matter how much you pay you get screwed!!

This building is infested. I\'ve seen bedbugs multiple times on walls in common hallways and suspect presence in my unit on the 3rd floor. pretty sure i\'ve been bitten a few times. gross. strata had pest control spray the laundry room and a few units. i\'m convinced they\'re everywhere and hiding in walls or something. the entire building needs to be treated but there doesn\'t seem to be the will from strata here and who knows if it would work anyway. from what i\'ve read, getting rid of them e

ffectively and entirely seems a tough nut to crack. what a predicament. now i have to move or something and what about my furniture and all my stuff? I feel like burning everything and starting from scratch somewhere else far far away. For now i\'m going to clean my apt, thoroughly inspect mattress and everything and try some double sided carpet tape around my bed and around the front door to see if i can catch something to confirm their presence. I guess I\'ll have to put some pressure on my landlord to convince the strata to act in order to deal with the problem.

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