2121 Franklin St
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This Apt had bedbugs a year ago. We haven't since in our apt but when it was happening they didn't tell the whole building what was going on or treat all the apts at the same time. This building has been pretty shady in its affairs. They also get the cheapest company to do work on the building.. Poor worksmanship, poor quality & poor clean up too.

its really obvious that this "purple" person who keeps posting and attacking people who report this place is a building manager or something. get a life.

The bedbug exterminators are at this address today doing at least 2 apartments. i do not live in the building. rent better be cheap with bedbugs!

To the gutless person that says building managers don't clean I think you need to get a life instead of trashing ppl with the crap in your mouth. Building managers do their jobs as long as ppl like you respect the property you live in and keep your place clean, and mind your own business. I lived there 5 years ago now and the managers do their job. Ppl bring stuff in from the trash and think its ok. I remember when we had cock roaches and the manager had the hole building done and there has not

been any as my close friend still lives there. And as for bedbugs they are all across canada. you say you lives there for 12 years look at your place and stop trashing the managers they do there job and thats all that counts. As for trashing old managers get a life and stop bashing ppl do it to there face. Some ppl like you just complain cause you have no life so bedbug away and grow up. We all think bedbugs are gross but management and pest control companys can only do so much, and they are doing fine so far.

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In regards to the "duchhess" post and your comments on how the previous 3 managers got canned because of not cleaning. I couldn't help but notice the initials you used and I'm pretty sure I know who you are referring to.I didn't know C.B but met D.S and A.K. You forgot to mention A.H.F who was in between D.S and A.K. In fact if I have the initials figured out A.K is A.H.F's sister. I figured it was only a matter of time with A.H.F's sister until someone got tired of all the dope smoke coming fro

m her place.
It didn't look very professional. I had friends who lived there and they had problems with roaches from the beginning. One of the managers even admitted they couldn't be truthful to people looking at moving in because they are hired to rent the apartments out and if you tell potential tenants that there is bugs they don't move in. This is one of the main reasons this problem has escalated because the vicious circle just keeps on spinning. As far as cleaning the building, in some areas such as tile floor in the lobby and front windows kept clean the rest was
a joke. I know for a fact how they "CLEAN" the stairs and this goes on in many apartment buildings because owners won't buy the right kind of vacuum like a canister style with extra long hose so the stairs could be done properly. Properly as in use a crevice tool to do along wall where carpet ends and use either the furniture upholstery brush or mini beater bar to actually vacuum the stairs. What they are doing here and elsewhere because they have only got an upright vacuum is they use a broom yes thats right a corn broom usually and they sweep the steps all down starting at the top and sweep
all stuff down on the the landing then vacuum the landing and sweep the next set of steps and vacuum the landing. If you look online or talk to the pro exterminators like I have countless times they will all tell you the first step to controlling the numbers is vacuum often and vacuum well. I wonder how many roach babies and bedbug babies get flung around doing that?The laundry room never got vacuum it was only swept and floor in front of machines was mopped. No one ever took the time to vacuum behind those machines believe me I looked when I was in there with my friend. I also know that people were
bringing in things that looked too good to leave behind at the dumpster and when people do that they aren't helping the situation any either.

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i live this building ( 12 years ) and the building hasn`t been cleaned properly in 3 years since the last 3 building managers were canned, for oddly enough not cleaning the building. the hallways are filthy and the new manager was just put up an Airwick! C.B., D.S., and now A.K. have all been fired. The new guy is not starting out to well as he hasn`t cleaned a thing,just put a deodorizer.

for the last three years the problem of bedbugs is getting worse, my apartment has been sprayed, the pro

blem went away now i`m gonna be sprayed again because the building managers don`t clean, blame the tenants for everything and never look what they aren`t doing, which is cleaning and disinfecting all the floors, checking all the suites every six weeks, hiring real pest control experts to deal with the problem.

the bedbugs live in the walls now, i have seen them myself, one of the other tenants showed me what to look for. there are spots in the building where bedbugs lay dormant until a new person moves in, then the bedbugs move into freshly sprayed and renovated suite. people move in out all the time, this why there are always vacancies in this building.

always google the street address before you move into a new building. this is the only way to get information about bedbugs, nobody gets told how bad the problem is until their furniture is ruined and their children start to get bitten.

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Just to let you all know I live in this building and the whole building has been treated, the Managers have done a good job at getting this under control so if anyone is gutless in trashing this building get out and move on. When I moved in i was asked to get sippered covers for both the top and bottom mattress and make sure I protect my belongings if we all clean and keep a nice place we won't get bugs its pigs that get them hence where the bedbugs come in and buying used furniture. As for tras

hing the Managers for this they are only do there job to keep this building clean its up to the tenants to do there part and I enjoy living her as its quiet and clean so keep your own home clean and free of crap and again if you don't like it move out and stop trashing the Managers that keep the building clean.

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I have received a letter under my door yesterday that looks like it was sent to everyone. This is the first I have heard of bedbugs in the building. Other notes here on this site show that the problem has been ongoing, although I have never been advised of this. I have lived in the building since early 2008, about 1-1/2 years. I guess they thought the problem would just go away. I cannot afford a new bed - I am barely hanging on as it is. Shame on them for never telling us. I moved between the d

ates of other postings. I knew it was a slum but I didn't realize the landlord was so rotten as to not even advise us.

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I lived at 201-2121 Franklin St from Dec 2006 and had to move out in September '07 because of a massive infestation. everyday there were mattresses in the dumpster. At first they were just doing individual apartment treatments which were completely useless, so I guess enough people complained, and they did the whole building, but there are some posts on here showing that it is still infested...That sucks.

There has been an infestation of bedbugs, cockroaches and mice, on and off,for at least three years, in most of the 50 suites in this building. There are times when the manager is informed. She either puts off dealing with the infestation, tells the tenant to use 'raid' or does nothing. If the infected tenant informs the property manager, they act more than half of the time. The property manager has, on a few occasions, had professionals spray the entire building. Other times, just the suit

e is sprayed. The bedbugs and cockroaches, move to the suites that are sharing a common wall. With this method, the problem is never properly dealt with. The bedbugs and cockroach eventually return to the suite.

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As we all know bedbugs are gross and thats life in general. I differ with the other complaint I told my caretaker and he/she did something about it right away. If we would as tenants say something the problem would be solved.There is no such thing as one unit being done and for people to say they don\'t want to be bullied is not true. I found the tenants are the ones that need to say something the bedbugs could have come from a person that was visiting.Always keep your unit clean and vacumn lots

.people just want to give land lords a bad name.My caretaker always acts.

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I spoke to my neighbour in a suite on the second floor, and she said her place had been sprayed around November 12th, 2008. No checking of the neighbouring suites has taken place and I'm concerned about being infected myself.

If I had not spoken to my neighbour by chance I would not have known there was a problem. To this day the apartment manager has not mentioned this infestation to me; and I have been told by someone that has gone through an outbreak that it is hellish.
Thank-you, I wish

to remain anonymous, for fear of bullying.

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