2080 E Pender St
Vancouver, BC V5L

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Uh, there were never dogs in that unit.

In all fairness to the place now, it was fully renovated in September 2011 when new management took over. New flooring was installed, painted, it was sprayed for any and all bugs...

Before, it was absolutely disgusting. The tenants had big dogs whom they let poo inside the apartment! When the tenants were gone, full renovations were done, and hasn't been any problem since.

It looks real nice inside now, and the management has improved. The owner has gotten some new guys to look after the p

lace and they are doing a much better job then the previous management company.

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We first saw signs of bed bugs at the beginning of May before leaving to travel for a month. When we returned the bugs were mature and crawling over all of our stuff. The landlords brought in a fumigator and after 1 treatment our stuff is still infected. Fumigation will continue for 2 months.

The unit 2 houses down had previously had bed bugs, the unit adjacent to us has mice & cockroaches. In addition to bed bugs we have also had a mouse, very serious mold issues and flooding as well.


landlord is a sleazebag and is very slow to address any problems. During this whole ordeal they have threatened us with rent increases and played the blame game accusing our roommate of bringing in the bugs. Also they are pressuring us to keep quiet and not inform the neighboring units about the bed bugs because otherwise they "will hate us".

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