1933 Turner St
Vancouver, BC V5L

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I was laying in bed on my phone after my husband left for work. On Facebook. Relaxing before I got up for my day of business.
On the corner of my eye I seen something crawling on my blanket seem. I quickly got up and grabbed my empty pop Bootle and caught it in there. I iddnt know what it was because me n my husband are from up north. After a few days without noticing anything else. Like 2 weeks pass or so
I got up first thing in the morning to go washroom. N fix my husband's lunch for his

And then when I came to wake him up.
I noticed a blood stain on my side of the bed. I thought for a second I just started my period. So I looked closer and there be a bedbugs right beside the blood stain. . I have been doi g research online to see what they look like and what sort of evidence they leave and now I can see them leaving a mess behind d.
I'm scared and don't know where to goo or move too. I love this area I call this my home town

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