1811 Adanac St
Vancouver, BC V5L

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The building is infested with bugs , ours ex manager get fired, because it complained about the situation 2 many time

Red Alert
we just discover pest control technician do not check the suite for bed bugs , only go in the suite with manager 2 minutes check under kitcheen cabinet and leave

About 7 years ago, there were bedbugs in my unit. I had bought a second hand mattress... As soon as I told the Landlord about this, he organized extermination and I have never had any other incidents since then. I am still living in this building because Landlord is hands on and cares.

unit 310 was confirmed with bed bugs after canine search.


A Landlord who would refuse to treat a bedbug problem in a suite would be very short sighted! Because all the suites in the building would become infested and the cost of eradicating the bugs would be much higher.

The landlord as always did his due diligence and arranged for all 3 suites as well as the adjacent ones to be treated.

A canine inspections have confirmed that all bed bugs have been eradicated.

Pest control Advise building owner to spray
the owner refuse because the cost to high

As everyone is aware bedbugs are a common problem in the lower mainland. Bedbugs are brought in by tenants. This building is clear of bedbugs.

Three known units were infested. The two neighouring units are minor, the other was elsewhere and more serious. Management is reluctant because there is a clause in the lease that any pest problems occurring after the tenant has moved in is no longer the responsibility of management. That said, they have provided chemical treatment. Two cleared up and **one unit is still infested at present**. I will post an update on this situation.

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