1777 Frances St
Vancouver, BC V5L
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My name is Patrick and I am now the present building manager at 1777 Frances st.
I have read every post on here about louise court and have to say I fully understand the frustration behind any tenant who has lived in this building.
Catching fire was the best thing to happen to it.
but that was in the past...
Things are different now.
I am a hands on manager and take a pro active approach to anything that occurs on the premises.
I sincerely feel bad for anyone who had any negative occurance

at the residence. I myself would have never lived there reading those reports.
But now as new manager I fight for the tenants rights and bring a new standard of duty to the title as property manager.
As of today, April 5th, 2012, Orkin pest control has inspected for bedbugs and certified the building bedbug free.
As far as the ownership stands, it is still owned by amiramalco holdings but under new management.
If anyone would like to come and witness themselves the steps taken to renew the entire property, feel free to contact me at [email protected]
I am not posting this to deny anything of the past, just give a positive note that times change and so do buildings.

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Having lived in this building up until the time of the fire, I do not recommend Amir Amalco Holdings Ltd. as a property management company. They truly profited from this fire with a great new remodel, but were all but absent when the building needed general upkeep, pest control, and residents faced a fire.

Be wary new tenants. Get it all in writing, and demand the best!

They are curently renting out suites in this building, even though as of a week ago there was still scaffolding around it, no balconys, and plastic for a roof over the burnt area. After months of no activity, it seems like they are in a big rush to turn it into a cash cow again. The rents being asked for are 30-50% (or more) higher than what the previous, burned out, tenants were paying. The fire was the best thing that ever happened to the owners of this building--insurance pays for the upgrad

es and profits go way up as the new tenants come in. Too bad for all the previous temants who had been putting up with all the BS, filth, bugs, harrasment and down right fraud perpetuated by the owners representative, just to keep a somewhat affordable roof over their heads. For the record this was a "normal" building for many years. It seemed like at some point the owners decided to stop putting money into this place until it got so bad that all the longer-term tenants with cheaper rent were driven out. Nevermind that new renters never stayed too long after the realized what they were in for. John, the previous manager, was a great manager, proactive, professional and courteous, totally on top any problems. Him leaving was the begining of the end, and it was a bit of a shock how fast things went to hell. This was a great building once. Hopefully it will be again. Good luck to anyone that ends up living here...hopefully ownersip has changed in the last year, and you will be treated with the respect all humans deserve..

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I lived on Suite 316 for 1 year and half (August 2009-December 2010).

I never had bed bugs but during 2010 year, I started seeing cockroaches. They were coming from under the sink.

This building was closed on December 30th, 2010 due to a fire which burned down 6 units.

I can see that they are rebuilding these units and they may reopen the building maybe in one year.

This building is more than 40 years old and it was not maintained properly. I never had any personal issue with Buildin

g Manager but she was never there except in the beginning of the month for cheques.

A lot of tenants had electrical and plumbing issues.
Cockroaches were present in this building for sure but building management never spent any money to get rid of them.

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This building just burned down, and then was looted.

Hopefully the building that replaces it will be better built, better maintained and better run.

the blonde lady vasalina is a bad mananger ive had bed bugs for months now she blames me and wants me to pay for it the biulding is getting outtve control and the manager is mean argumentative self centred person she doesnt even wanna give me my damage deposit back i do not deserve this youll find out if you move here what kind of person youll deal with

September 2009:

I lived at 1777 Francis for exactly ONE MONTH - the pest problem in my suite was so horrible, cockroaches and bed bugs.

When I approached the building manager, she blamed me for the bed bugs (which is neither here nor there - its managements responsibility to spray apartments no matter who is at fault).

I have never had bedbugs - I bought all new furniture for my apartment. The infestation was so bad that I lost almost everything (TV, books, photographs, furniture).

I went to arbitration and was rewarded $820 + $410 (the month rent for when I lived there and damage deposit) but I've heard similar things are still happening there.

If you have an infestation, it is the property management's responsibility to take care of it, to avoid it affecting other residents and prevent it from happening again.

Under no circumstances can a landlord or building manager refuse to spray for bugs...

My advice - just don't live here. Its not worth the hassle, you'll end up having most of your belongings ruined/infested, and it'll be emotionally exahusting (it sure was for me!).

Oh - and apartments are always up for rent in this building. I flag them constantly on Craig's List b/c I don't think anyone should have to put up with this garbage!

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I also currently am living in this building - and yes, cockroaches most definitely live here too. I also have found the the management of the building is slow to respond, and overall somewhat apathetic to the issue. It is a run-down east van building, suffering from many of the same issues which seem to plague buildings in the area. I keep my suite ridiculously clean, store stuff in tupperware, and have taken remarkable steps to stem the issue (including traps, caulking, and expanding foam to se

al them out). This has all been done on my own dime and time - but worth the sanity. The issue has been better in the last couple of months (I'm writing this in April of 2010) but efforts are not concerted or all-encompassing which means that it is just temporary - and we still see roaches EVERYDAY. Bedbugs haven't been an issue - but i really wouldn't be surprised.

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I used to live at 1777 Frances St. I lived there for two and a half years, moving out in 2005. The building manager at the time was Jaoud; it seems that changed sometime in the past 5 years.

I would like to attest that when I lived in that building just five years ago, there were NO cockroaches whatsoever. I've lived in places that have roaches (in Toronto and in New York), and it is possible to get rid of them, but landlords have to be pro-active and vigilant.

There weren't

any bedbugs either, but the bedbug population & infestation in this city was just beginning to bulge around the time I moved out of 1777.

My point in writing is to simply affirm that at least one kind of bug infestation has occurred & risen in the past few years, which points to new management to me.

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Hi there,

It is true that the building is consistently occupied, but there is a clear turn over rate that has gone unmentioned. There are many pluses to the building: location, quiet building, washing machines, reasonably sized layouts. But there are clear trade offs unapparent at first glance. They have been mentioned before: cockroaches, regular building maintenance and upkeep, and communication with building management.

If there was a Canadian website of this nature, we would be mor

e than happy to use it. As it stands, we don't know of any. But here are a couple sites worth noting:


We, personally, have nothing against the building management. Upon first arrival, we made every effort to communicate our issues directly, both verbally and written, but have been met only with reluctancy to address the issues we so clearly state again and again.

That being said, we have had some positive experiences and have seen some actions being taken.

As this is based on our own experiences, I will add that we have not experienced any bed bugs in our suite. Cockroaches yes, bedbugs no.

Lastly, I just want to be clear, we don't intend to "create problems in the building out of personal dislike towards the manager." We just have had issues that we wished would be addressed.

[email protected]

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There are many tenants who live in this building for over 10 years.The building has 59 apartments, and there is no vacancy at any given time. If all the reports against this property were true all the existing tenants would have moved out by now.

It seems that a few tenants try to create problems in the building out of personal dislike towards the manager. Why don't these tenants identify themselves rather than report anonymously there dissatisfaction on a USA web site.There is no recourse to

combat such reports against them.
Canadian websites and reports would have to be verified prior to posting anything anonymously. The legal implications are obvious.The reports seem to be very personal with the intent to harm the management of the building.

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sorry made a mistake! the email for the last one is [email protected] email us :)

Hey everyone! We've had the same problems as listed below and currently live here...

Please email [email protected] if you want to discuss how to deal with this manager and these issues with us.



the building manager is incompetent, combative, and openly aggressive. I've found cockroachs, reported them and been told that I need to catch them so they can be analysed. That seemed fair actually. however, the manager obviously doesn't care about the state of the building in any way. there are leaks, rot and it's shamefully dirty. I'm embarrassed to have friends over. it's good to see others share this opinion.

Sept, 2009

I killed tones of cockroaches in my appart. The manager of the building is incompetent and will put the blame on everything you can say or notice. Everything you said she will take it personally, playing the offended.


Believe me you re loosing your time to deal with that kind of inconsiderate, unprofessional manager and your money to live in such a unhealthy place.


Re: The prior posting of April 22, 2009 regarding finding bedbugs at this address.

I am the Building Manager for 1777 Frances Street, Vancouver, BC.

I wish to state that at no time has a tenant or any other person ever reported to me that they have encountered bedbugs in this building. Had I received such a report I would have immediately taken appropriate action to have professional pest control staff remove them.

It is also worth noting that any reasonable individual would have report

ed such an infestation to the appropriate public authority rather simply posting a complaint to an internet site.

I wish all readers of this site to consider this posting in the context it has been placed. It makes no sense that a person with a valid complaint would not first contact the building management for assistance – and only then, if they deemed such assistance inadequate to seek help from the appropriate government body.

None of these things have been done


The Building Manager
1777 Frances St.
Vancouver, B.C.

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April 22, 2009

Just killed a bedbug that was crawling on my arm as i lay in bed. First time I have ever seen a bedbug in real life, had to look them up to be sure that was what it was. i haven't bought any furniture or used clothing ( I hear the local Value Village is a big source of pesky bugs) lately so this bug came from another suite in the building. I have lived here for years and never saw a bedbug till today. The cockroaches (and building in general) have gotten really bad since th

e latest building manager took over. DO NOT RENT HERE! unless you like roaches and bedbugs and building manager that won't even vacuum the hallways!

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