1766 Frances St
Vancouver, BC V5L

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This apartment building- 1766 Frances street, has many suites with bedbugs. We ourselves have battled them many times in the past two years. Right now, they are gone. Knock on wood.

The housing society that manages this building DOES get a professional pest control agency to get rid of the bugs in the one suite that reports them, but I think they need to look in ALL the suites, as some people who live here DON'T REPORT IT.

That makes me so angry! We lived through a summer of HELL the firs

t time we moved in, and we didn't even know what was causing the bites the very first night!!

If tenants would do the work, and report and work with the exterminators then we MIGHT see a lot less of these disgusting bugs.

I really wish that the housing people would assess ALL the suites and deal with it. One suite that has them, and doesn't report it, then we are ALL screwed again because they will spread.

I think when I do move, I probably won't bring my stuff either. Disgusting. ONLY reason I live here is because it is affordable. But that doesn't mean we can live like pigs!

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