1620 E Pender St
Vancouver, BC V5L

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May 31, 2015 Update:

Haven't had an outbreak of bedbugs for well over 2 years now for the whole building. (12 suites)
All suites were fumigated about 2 &1/2 years ago. including my own suite. Baseboards were all caulked and painted (my suggestion to the Landlords)
All tenants are well aware of the signs of bedbugs, so, hopefully,
we are clean.

crazy bed bug problem. Not adequately taken care of.. ever. I would suggest NOT moving in, point blank, even if the manager/owner say it's been dealt with. Others in the building live with them, not knowing/caring that they may be spreading them to other units in the building, on the bus, etc...

It's an older apartment that is decently maintained but no one in the building knows about the registry. Found fleas because the tenants leaving there hadn't treated their cat, but also bed bugs. My friend got bitten all over. The walls have many small holes in them for the critters to hide in. Thankfully management got the place professionally fumigated, so I haven't seen any yet. I really wish the city would take responsibility for this problem though.

We had a small collective of bugs in Spring 2011, but we discovered other apartments in the building had had larger infestations. At least 4 of the suites had had bedbugs in them.
We decided to take care of them ourselves. (Reimbursed by landlord.) It's been almost a month and there's no further sign of them. Fingers crossed.

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