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Update: Suite 134: Our apartment was professionally sprayed and we followed all the directions of the pest-control people by laundering our bed linens and putting all cushions, etc into a hot drying for 30 mins. . I am still worried the bedbugs may have come from another unit (our landlord advised they will only inspect if a tenant reports), so now I have treated all our baseboards, sofas, corners, niches etc by putting down Diatomaceous Earth (DE). We have seen no more bugs or signs of them,

and have no new bites. For those trying to treat a bedbug infestation without chemicals, I recommend looking up DE online. It's available at most gardening centres and I found it at Rona in a product called DIO (pest control section). Use a mask while applying so you don't breathe it in. Once settled it's harmless to humans and animals. Good luck. I hope we've seen the last of those unwanted guests!

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Willingdon Estates, Suite 134: 1 bedbug found crawling on our sofa near the end of March 2008 (not a new sofa - we've had it for years). My husband had some mysterious bites on his arm a few days previously. We have not travelled recently, stayed overnight anywhere or brought in any used furniture, so I suspect the bug(s) may have come from another suite. We vacuumed our apartment thoroughly and reported to the building manager. No bites or sightings since vacuuming. Pest control will be vi

siting within a few days for an inspection. Personally I am hoping management has all the suites inspected because it won't do any good to just treat our apartment if they came from somewhere else. Saw a mattress in the dumpster out back. I will update this report when any news.

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