4505 Grange St
Burnaby, BC V5H

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Nothing has been fix. Still have bedbugs and silver shits around the room.

This building STILL HAS bedbugs AND silverfish!! LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS of them! It's disgusting! I had to move out of there! I feel so bad for some of the people I know in that building that are still suffering from this & having to throw away furniture & live with all their stuff in plastic bags! DO NOT MOVE THERE!

I'm the Anonymous poster from before...

The bed bugs have been around for a few months, though back then I thought it was just mosquito bites, and then since the bumps on my arms persisted, I googled hives on arms and from that thought that I might have liver problems. I saw the random bug from time to time but didn't think too much of them because it wasn't the first time I saw a bug I didn't recognize. Anyway, last week it came to my mind to find out what a bed bug looked like, and it was

the bugs I saw.

A couple days later it got pretty bad and a lot of bed bugs were crawling on my bed and I found a few in my livingroom. I've been cleaning my every couple of days and have gotten rid of my bed and couch because I couldn't stand to be in the same place as them. I've been staying at a friends for the past few days.

An exterminator has come in for inspection and will be in again later this week, but I have a feeling that only the one apartment is going to be treated.

The apartment is on the 3rd floor.

see full report...

Bed bugs in apartment on an upper floor.

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