4266 Grange St
Burnaby, BC V5H

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Apartment has cockroaches and bed begs. Long-standing problem

The problem started sometime in April-May(2011) time frame. My daughter started getting these little bumps all over her body. We suspected seasonal allergy. It kept getting worse and we ended up in emergency finally. The doctor at the ER immediately identified it as bug bite. Eventually the rest of us too started seeing bite marks on us. Sometime in June, we were able to spot the culprits (bed bugs) in the night, when they were in the middle of their feeding frenzy. I captured a couple of them a

nd showed them to the leasing agent. The management arranged for the treatment, rather immediately. It was a big hassle. Had to bag all clothing, had to cleanup all the wardrobes and all the rest of it. It was quite painful.

The treatment seemed to have worked rather well. After the second treatment (usually the last one), i did find one bug. But after killing that one, i haven't had a bite since.

The key to success is team work. The tenants in the the same floor, the management and the pest control company should all work together as a team to get rid of the problem.

Unless there is infestation, one could easily save one's belongings. There is no need to panic. It is a tough fight, but one with definite possibility of victory if things are done in the right way.

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Was told by numerous tenants that there are bed bugs up to the 18th floor in my building, the management deny it and our rent isnt cheap goes up to 2200

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