3784 Burke St
Burnaby, BC V5H

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After 2 nights I woke up with bites on my shoulder to my armpit. Total 6 bites, every 2 together. I saw a bug.

I woke up the next night with 3 bites on my thigh, same style as the ones before.

When one of my friends saw them, as I was complaining to her how itchy they were she said they were bedbugs. Research online showed very similar bites to the ones I had. I called the landlord and reported it.

He removed the mattress that night, and I slept on the floor waking up with 3 bites on

my feet. I was not happy.

The landlord steamed everything and filled the cracks with caulk. He ripped out the carpets and washed them, HANG DRYING them, and all the clothes.

I woke up the next day with bites on my hand.

By the time I moved out he had not hired an exterminator and to my knowledge does not plan to. He made no more moves to remedy the situation. My room mate found them in the kitchen and he told her that if she is freaked out she should move out.

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