27264 30 Ave
Langley Twp, BC V4W

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I lived there starting 9 years ago. They had bedbugs then too. Still haven't gotten rid of them eh?
I was lucky and they weren't in my apartment... but they were in numerous suites in that building.
I thought of moving back, because of the cheap rent... but not now. I even looked at the form for BC Housing and it said that they have problems with bedbugs and cockroaches.
Oh well. No cheap rent for me. I won't live in that slum housing.

They have spread from this location to 27298 Fraser Highway, to the Lions Seniors Homes, to the Alder Inn. Beware Aldergrove - the wave is moving up the Valley! Punch in specific addresses to be sure because the maps on here don't show recent reports unless you inquire for the full address!!

I was informed by older tenants here ( 27264 30th Ave. Aldergrove B.C.) that there has been a bedbug problem here for the past 3 years.....I moved in 2 years ago..was not informed....within 2 months a Bedbug meeting was called for Tenants, Landlord & Management....I was shocked.....but was told it was isolated and under control....as months went by it became obvious that the infestation was spreading.. ..I approached another place to move to....

they told me they had several empty suites and I could move in at any time....I filled out an application and returned in 3 days to be told by same Manager that they had no openings....wouldn,t even allow me into office....when I pressed him ,,in anger he said " No one from that address is moving in here"..."Everyone knows there are bedbugs out of control there".....I have been here 2 years now and "the bugs" are getting closer & closer...apt. by apt.... When the bugs get to me.....I have thousands of American cousins and plan on informing them of this problem of Vancouver being Bedbug infested...... my cousins have friends & relatives all over the States..... .ALL who planned on visiting Vancouver next Feb......this will be in response to my inability to obtain a bedbug free residence, of same size and rental fees....and more importantly my growing fear it may not be in time to save priceless family heirlooms ....and other irreplaceable belongings.......Thomas

see full report...

There is a few apartments in this building that have bedbugs.
We had sprayers here several times.
There is a bedbug sniffing dog coming here Thursday.
Thankfully... I don't have them. I hope they don't migrate here into my apartment. They seem to be mostly at the bottom of the building.

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