26966 26 Ave
Langley Twp, BC V4W

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If someone on this website can please change the address on this website that would be great.
My family has been living at 26966 26th Ave since we bought the home new in 2005. The home being discussed on this website is on 26 A Ave, one street away from us. We have no bedbug issue in our home.
Thank-you so much.

I have to assume (a) that the pest control companies advised you to wash, clean, isolate and, in some instances, get rid of certain materials (including clothing, linens, furniture, personal property that cannot be cleaned, boiled, frozen or disinfected) and (b) that you continue to investigate the many resources on the internet to educate yourselves. Sometimes you just have to cut your losses and abandon ship. If there are floor rugs (baseboars are wonderful places for the bugs to live - up t

o TWO years in some cases WITHOUT feeding) in that house, you have lost the battle. Cut and run. Read that as needing to tent and methane the house. Good luck. You might want to read a blog called Bedbug Refugee out of NYC (do the google). Cut and Run. Save what is important to you (if you must) such as photographs (have them saved on line, reproduce them later) or other memorabilia that can be scanned. Some stuff you can pop into a freezer for no less than two weeks of sustained sub-zero freezing. If you do elect to walk away, take nothing. And if you do choose that route, and many do, hot shower, wash hair, put on clean clothing, toss the rest and don't look back.

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It all started June 7 2008 at 26966 26A Ave Aldergrove B.C. I Georgia Nichols Joe st.Jacques and my 2 girls age 10 and 12 moved to this house on the first of June we had to move the landlords belongings out to the carport and we moved our stuff in, I was a home owner before but had to rent because of a divorce.On the 7th of June my 9 year old started to get bit we thought it was grass flies we asked the next door tenent if they were getting bit they said no.We kept finding bugs in the house and

we didn't know what they were.We looked on line and found out it was bedbugs. We live in a 4 bedroom up stairs and there is a 2 bedroom and 1 bedroom downstairs.We phoned a company that deals with bedbugs they told us what to do before they could come and spray We found out that the infestation started in the 2 bedroom suite.We have since then had 3 different companies come in to spray. We are now on our 6 month and still living in a house we can't enjoy.Can't move in fear we would take them with us What can we do? Please help.

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