8507 120 St
Delta, BC V4C

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This issue is not just a current infestation, but has been ongoing since 2009.

Landlord has not been adequately inspecting, nor treating outlying areas in all cases until forced to do so by the Residential Tenancy Branch by a hearing in January 2012. They have been spot treating in as inexpensive a way as possible to give a showing of proper care while not actually getting at the root of the problem which is in the old wooden exterior walls and under the old carpets along the cement foundati


Some residents have had multiple treatments without relief of these issues since 2009, some are being forced to move with the bugs amongst their things, thus infesting other landlords' investments and spreading this pest further abroad in the community and into other communities.

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Still dealing with the bedbugs and they are in the walls and carpets so that easy removal is not possible.

Apparently this has been an ongoing issue for at least months if not years and they have not spoken to any of the tenants. The suddenly showed up in our apartment through the walls as they have only been treating the apartment they are showing up in and none of the adjacent ones, nevermind the whole complex. We were heat treated on Wednesday, Sept. 14th, and after supper (thus after hours) I found a very active bed bug scampering across my linens. I have 3 children, including a toddler, and m

y husband. We are extremely impoverished and can not afford to move, nevermind affording the expenses associated with bedbug treatment. Any help and advocacy here would be very helpful!

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