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Just adding a supplement to the 2 preceeding messages. Nothing much has changed. Numerous suites have suffered bed bugs since those 2 from 2010. Our suite may be next. Have been 'lucky' so far, but they are closer now than ever. The management still gives this the silent treatment and some who have the infestation are embarrassed to mention it to anyone. This place may be on the verge of losing a lot of tenants! it just won't go away!

after leaving this building ...after all the hell we went through ..they held back part of my damage deposit because I didn't clean the the old carpet that needed to be replaced ...that I am sure hides 1000's...good luck new tenants...

Apparently bedbugs arrived in our building 4-6 months ago but we were not notified.

When I was bitten and reported it to our property caretaker - I was reluctantly informed of the infestation but not all the apartments - I was furious that this is something that is even recommended by the exterminator I spoke to who said it causes panic in the building - panic??? are they crazy - I just would have been vigilant and made sure I was careful in the laundry room etc!

I asked to have the bug

dogs brought in and they checked adjoining apartments as well as mine - I have thrown out bed and dressers had the exterminators in. Excluding cost of treatment I will have spent over $1000.00 over this mess!
They have been on apartments on 2nd and 3rd floors south wing.

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