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21st of April 2012 , a Saturday afternoon ,I was doing lawndry in the common lawndry room of the building .
There are 4 lawndry machines and 4 dryers . I used 2 lawndry machines , and noticed that the other 2 were busy and the cycle was finished but nobody came to pick up the lawndry.
When time was up for my lawndry Iwent back to pick up my stuff . I found about 20 dead bed bugs on top of one of the lawndry machine I was using, some of them full of blood . They were spliled from the lawndry

that was picked up from the machine next to the one I was using . That lawndry was in 2 of the dryers now and I know that because there were only 2 dryers in use at the time . I opend the dryer and checked the lawndry inside . There were bed sheets and comforters . The beige color of the lawndry looked like a polka dot blood stained all over . I can only imagine how bad the infestation could be in that apartment . Other neighbors witnessed the matter , i took pictures , and later I found out that there are about 3 units in the building that have outbreaks of bed bugs every year for the last 4 years if not more .
I've send emails and I called everybody I could at administration and management . This is BC Housing corporation. They don't like me now because I asked to have separate washer and dryer for infested lawndry and talked about this with as many neighbors I could . . Apparently the infested units are treated now .But if treatment is done properly as they say , why is it that it comes back every year? And why is it that everybody in the building should be exposed to infested lawndry in the common lawndry room ?
They assured me that bed bugs die in the washer as well as in the dryer . Could anyone help with advice ? Is this the only way ?

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