9470 128 St
Surrey, BC V3V

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I moved in to 9470 128 Street last month and only unwrapped one of my beds to see how it'd go and my infant daughter was eaten up bad so I put in the request for the management to spray my unit and its still pending over a month now.I just sleep with my kids on the bed with a plastic cover beneath the bedding and stay out of one of my two rooms.I keep my place clean and check periodically each night because there's more than just a bed bug infestation here..

Girlfriend and I were eaten alive over the last year, has been sprayed for bed bugs twice went away for about 8 months just got 12 bites in the last few days. The ENTIRE building is infested and the managers here no it / do nothing. DO NOT MOVE TO A MAINSTREET BUILDING. We have to throw away all our furniture now that we're moving. thank god.

Near the end of Novenber 2010, I kept on waking up with numerous insect bites. I was worried it could be bed bugs and researched what to look for, but found nothing. Since then every few days I would wake up with new bites, that were very itchy, red and about the size of a twoonie. We started sleeping with our window closed, thinking it may be mosquitoes, but a few days later the bites continued. Late one night I awoke to feeling something crawling on my chest. I grabbed it and yelled for

my husband to turn on the light. When we looked at what had just bit me serveral times, we recognized it as a bed bug. We searched the entire apartment finding only a couple. When I told the managment of our building, they said that there were other people in our building with them, and they were sending out a letter about it. I, however, was not on the list for receiving this letter. We were told the others were on their second treatment. When the pest control company came to treat our apartment, they said they will be back in 2 weeks for the second treatment. That means the other people had already known about this for 2 weeks! Shouldn't there be a rule about informing your tenants of such things, and in a timely manner? And how effective is this treatment going to be if all they do is treat one or 2 apartments in the building?

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Well we noticed the problem back at the end of november, had only been in this suite for a month. We had moved from another suite in 9450. Anyways we noticd little red blotches on the girlfriends arms, shoulders, back. After a couple weeks of dealing with Dr's who thought it was an alergy I got a redmark on my hand. Pulled back the mattress to find the wall had been covered in bedbugs and excrement. The had been coming in through the hole for the baseboard water heaters. They sprayed our place w

hich then caused a boxspring fire. They had sealed the wall up before they sprayed and there was still living bugs in there. The lady who previously lived here had the same bedbug problem, and had mentioned it to the appartment managment 2 years ago and nothing major was done about it. After hot gluing the cracks between the floor and baseboards and the puttied wall we have seemed to get rid of the problem in our suite. Have only found 2 since they sprayed. But no more bites.

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