9460 128 St
Surrey, BC V3V

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Do not move here unless you like roaches! My hydro bill used to be about $40 a month and it sky rocketed to $140 A MONTH BECAUSE I CANNOT TURN OFF MY LIGHTS!!!! THERE ARE ROACHES EVERYWHERE!

So many roaches in 48 hours! They won't let me leave my lease!

The building is infested with cockroaches. They will come through your doors, your pipes, your bathtub... everywhere. My apartment didn't have them and now suddenly they're everywhere. It takes a lot of persuasion to get them to treat the apartment. They refuse to spray the whole building. They're coming in from the hallways mainly - the smell of animal urine (which reaks) in the carpets are probably attracting them.

Woke up with a couple of red bites on my hand. Then nothing for a few days, then i would wake up with a few more bites on my arm. I researched online and found out that it could be bed bugs. I looked up how to check for bed bugs and when i got home i checked under the right corner of my mattress and saw the bugs. Called my landlord right away. They are getting someone in to deal with them.

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