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Had inspection on May 30 due to bed bugs in some units. On June 8, there was a note on door saying the unit had bedbugs. Spray treatment will be not be done for another 2 weeks. I guess management doesnt feel that finding bedbugs need to be treated right away!! The bedbug issue has been known for a while but no inspections until now! Thankfully I have no bites, and have yet to see any bugs or traces of bugs. I want to know if management will pay for all the extra laundry costs I and many other

s will be occuring, especially since they brought in smaller machines and raised the prices!!

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I dont have them but Orkin has been called in as he stated 8 out of 18 apartments on my floor does. Scared to death that they will spread. Orkin has come in and sprayed my suite and will be back again for follow up.

Found the first bug( nymph) after being bit numerous times on 09/18/11, Management called in Orkin, apparently they are on stand by for this building. Orkin came in and treated on the 20th. Continued to get bit although all clothing, bedding, and linens were washed.All drawers emptied in bedroom and treated with 99% alcohol, and wiped.All clutter removed and inspected. Apartment is vacuumed daily. Orkin returned 09/30 for second treatment. Apartment then treated with CIL house and Garden.Headboa

rd and foot board Steam treated and re sprayed with CIL.Found another one in bed,(nymph) Still getting bites. Spoke to PCO and was told the bites can appear 3 to 4 weeks after being bit.
Orkin returns 10/07/11 treats bed again, by the way, the bed was sealed on 09/21/11. Bed also has 2 way tape on legs. Today 10/10/11 found adult bug in bed, bit again.Going to get Diatomaceous Earth tomorrow.

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