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I too have found bed bugs in my unit. Rancho strata isn't doing their job. I hold them responsible for allow this nightmare to continue. 28th floor infinity surrey.

Rancho Management Services Bed Bugs ranchovan.com has dropped the ball on the infinity tower in Surrey. There is a huge infestation on the 33rd floor and multiple units are effected. Due to the fact that the building has 350 units we need the strata to conduct a proper K9 sweep of each unit.

They refuse to do so because they do not say that it's their responsibility, they will only check the common areas. Which is ridiculous because bed bugs don't live in the hallways, they live in the apar

tments. So one by one the units will be cleaned up by their owners and one by one they will be re-infested because rancho strata won't take care of the bed bug issue.

If you're planning on moving or buying in Infinity Surrey... DON'T we are infested.

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I have bed bugs on the 33rd floor if the infinity building. I've been scratching for months now, and I've been to doctors trying to find out what the issue is. I suspected it could be incests of some type and then on night I woke up scratching and I turned on the light and caught one of the little bastards.

I told the landlord and strata, but I don't think the strata is doing a proper suite by suite K9 inspection. I'm having an exterminator come this week. But by now I'm sure the bugs have g

otten into other suites. Not good!!!

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I woke up this morning to my horrer and found a 1 bed bug , I have called the property manager and would ask that anyone else who is dealing with this same issue in this building call them as well as this will help determine how large this infestation really is. I have been told that they will be making arrangments to have the floor sprayed i just hope and pray that this action is taking sooner then later as the more i read on this topic the more worried i get becuase even if i get this resolve

d on my own if it's spread in the building it will just continue on... and although moving is an option , would i be taking these things with me??

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Staying with a friend on the 8th floor and found bed bugs although he treats the suite on a monthly basis there are still bedbugs from juvenile to adolescent mostly in the bedroom. So gross and probably forever as they keep coming back

Just discovered bed bugs in my apartment still unsure what to do now.

I moved in June 1st 2010, and found my son's crib was infested with bed bugs sep 2010. My landlord refused to take any responsibility, and denied that there was a bug issue mean while my baby was covered in bites and hives. I took immediate action and called an exterminator to have the suite fumigated. They had to come back two additional times after the first treatment because it was so bad.

I moved out oct 1st 2010.

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