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we have at 3 drug dealers that sell crystal meth her ion and crack and god only knows how many pot dealers at least one on the top floors a big dealer hookers are a regular thing here as are drunken fights the police are here just about every other day the ambulancef comes all the time its what we live with its a hard life here sometimes sometimes dont send your senior friends to live here take care

we have at 3 drug dealers that sell crystal meth her ion and crack and god only knows how many pot dealers at least one on the top floors a big dealer hookers are a regular thing here as are drunken fights the police are here just about every other day the ambulancef comes all the time its what we live with its a hard life here sometimes sometimes dont send your senior friends to live here take care

2010 to 2015 bed bugs show up soon after moving in ive lived here 7 years i put in for a transfer i been waiting 4 years the bed bugs come and go then we have to put up with street people that a welfare program brings in from the street mostly drug addicts and alcoholics some turn out good but the majority are real bad tenants pot heads on just about every floor the smell of pot is always around we have many pot dealers then we have the crystal meth heads and crack heads and alcoholics so many

Although there are bed bugs in BC housing at 13350 Old Yale Rd. the outfit they have combating the problem turns out to be 100 times better than the last crew working on the bug situation. At last a real opportunity to rid ourselves of the pesky SOB's. Hats off to the crew. Now for the other major problem at the Ted Kuhn bldg. --- the great unwashed, uncleaned, smelly, stinky, unbearable residents who screw all the other tenants. Try the small, cramped elevators for the full treatment

Although there are bed bugs in BC housing at 13350 Old Yale Rd. the outfit they have combating the problem turns out to be 100 times better than the last crew working on the bug situation. At last a real opportunity to rid ourselves of the pesky SOB's. Hats off to the crew. Now for the other major problem at the Ted Kuhn bldg. --- the great unwashed, uncleaned, smelly, stinky, unbearable residents who screw all the other tenants. Try the small, cramped elevators for the full treatment

You have to use a steamer to kill the eggs ! Nobody pays for the heAt treatment so they come back the pest control don't tell you this because it's bad for business and BC Housing is a cash cow for them , so it costs more in the long run because they don't pay for "gold " treatment

there is another building for supported services for individuals with disabilities and the elderly I was told they found bed bugs there as well. Can anybody confirm this? I have a very good friend that B.C. housing is trying to send there but I cancelled the meeting when I found out about the bed bugs.

These towers are infested. After the renos the bedbugs spread to almost all the units on the floors. Even if you had your pipes, wall sockets, and door blocked they still got in. BC Housing comes in sprays for 10 minutes then leaves. You have to get your unit ready for spraying, wash all your clothes, and stay out for 6 hours. Everything you own has to be in plastic, and you have to constantly vacuum just to try to get some relief.
You can't sleep, due to constant itching, and are paranoid abou

t even coming home, let alone going to bed. When they spray they say they will help you with costs of washing, cleaning, etc. but they don't. If you are lucky and get put up in the spare suite while they spray, its also infested and the bed is disgusting. People in here are trapped, too poor to move, and you have to live here a year before you can request a transfer. If you request a transfer you have to wait for place to open up, could take 5 years.
Also the neighborhood is unsafe, and if you own a car, don't kid yourself it will get vandalized. Being homeless is better believe me. Get out if you can, better yet don't move in or you will be throwing out what little you do own. And unless they see bedbugs on it you will be charged $40.00 for the privilege of throwing out your things.
Its a nightmare and BC Housing tells you before you move in that the bedbug problem is under control. If walking down the hall and getting bit or standing still by the door or elevator and getting bit is what they call under control, then yes its under control. If you complain then your a troublemaker and will be evicted eventually, which could actually be a blessing.
There are people in here taking antibiotics, or going to the hospital for iv treatment the bites are so numerous and severe.
No one should have to live like this, its inhumane. I have to be Anonymous because yes I live here and need time to arrange some other place to live, and I can't be evicted or I will be homeless again.

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I have lived at Ted Khun Towers for a little over 3 years I had bedbug in the other place. When moving into Ted Khun Towers 13350 Old Yale Rd. I was not Informed about the problems about bedbugs. After 2 to 3 weeks I noticed little red rashes on my body. I thought this was some kind of allergic reaction to something. But later found out I had these bedbugs in my apartment. The adult bedbug can drink 3 times its normal size. I am realy upset about this as I have lost a lot of sleep over these B

#*#**#eds. They have crawled over my face as well as my head. I get up in the morning only to face these f#**#*g bedbugs all over again. This in not fair why don't they inform you befor you move in to give you the option to move in or not. This to me means bad mangement on B.C. Housing. I am always itchy because of these bedbugs. Thank you

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By Kevin Diakiw - Surrey North Delta Leader
Published: September 20, 2011 3:00 PM
Updated: September 21, 2011 9:49 AM

It was 1989, when John Sanford, an aerial fire boss, was attacking a fire by helicopter near Lac La Biche, about 130 kilometers east of Edmonton.

The chopper went down, crashing in the remote area, leaving Sanford with crushed bones throughout one side of his body.

He was also left with the trauma that comes with such accidents and remains on disability.

Now unemplo

yed and living in Ted Kuhn Towers at 102 Avenue and Old Yale Road and has a much more immediate fire to put out.


The bloodsucking parasites have infested the building for more than three years.

They come out at night, and feast on Sanford's body. The B.C. Housing complex for low-income people is crawling with the bugs.

B.C. Housing has sprayed multiple times, but the parasites keep coming back.

Officials with B.C. Housing say that to rid the building of bedbugs, the spraying has to be executed throughout the tower. Some residents aren't preparing their rooms properly, and spraying is incomplete.

The bugs just come back.

So at night, Sanford and the rest of the residents at Ted Kuhn crawl into bed knowing they will be feasted upon by the bugs.

The red welts on their bodies in the morning serve as proof.

Sanford said part of the problem is Surrey doesn't have a Standards of Maintenance Bylaw similar to the ones in other Lower Mainland cities.

Mayor Dianne Watts said the city is working to develop such a bylaw.

"We're looking at what other communities are doing, and our Social Planning Committee has undertaken that task," Watts said.

First and foremost, she said, the tenants need to be looked after.

"But we want to make sure B.C. Housing doesn't shirk their duties and not be responsible for their properties either," Watts said. "It's totally unacceptable, and it should be rectified immediately."

Whatever pressure the city can apply, it will, she said.

Calls to B.C. Housing were referred to the housing ministry, which responded by email that it is doing whatever it can to rectify the problem.

"The appearance of bedbugs is becoming more common in private and public sector housing developments across North America, and we have developed a thorough and rigorous bedbug eradication program to address the issue," the ministry spokesperson said in the email response. "We urge all tenants to follow the instructions and directions they are given so the problem can be eliminated. However like any landlord we cannot force tenants to comply with directions that will help prevent further recurrences of the problem."

So, while the tenants point to the city and the city directs blame at B.C. Housing, which says the tenants are responsible, Sanford readies himself for another night being ravaged by parasites.

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BC Housing will NEVER get rid of their Bed BUGS! They are so Stupid with the way they are handling things! I've been here for 2 1/2 years now and didn't notice them right away, but about 2 months after moving in, I found out my mattress was infested with them. So I told the landlord, and it took them about 3 months before they gave me a new (smaller twin size bed). Which was ridiculous & hard to get used to because I had a Queen sized bed. It came with a Bed bug cover on it. (I guess it's suppos

ed to protect your mattress from getting any bed bugs). HA! Well, I was probably free of them for about 1 month. And then I saw the fecial stains from the bugs on the bed bug cover one day! First I thought, hmm, maybe I could've spilled something, but nope, within the next couple of days I saw the F#@%ing little bugs crawling really fast. So what does BC Housing do? They spray my place twice a week, thinking, that it gets rid of them. They also spray either most or all of the Building on the same day. It depends on who refuses the treatments.
The Landlord told me that the Pest control Operators that they hire have 2 types of spray that they can use, but they only give people like us in BC Housing the Cheap $ 60 treatment. They told me I got a $200 treatment a couple of weeks ago, I guess because I kept complaining so much, but even if I did get the more expensive treatment, that is supposed to work better, it is Bullshit, because I still have them!!
I want to move out, but like everyone who lives in BC housing, we all don't have a lot of money, so it Sucks!! but I am still going to keep trying to get the hell out of here!

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August 26 2010.
I also presently reside at this building and before I moved in here I had never encountered a bedbug before,and I'm not proud to say that I have lived in some awful places over the years.For one thing when I moved in they really tried to downplay the situation.Instead of telling me "Oh don't worry,just don't bring home stuff that you got from dumpsters etc", they should have been honest with me and really explained just what I was up against.One example is they should have told

me how important it is to NOT let anyone into your suite,even when they assure you it's no problem as they don't have them.The tenents are too embarassed to admit they have them.What BC Housing is presently doing to try and keep these bugs gone is absolutely ridiculous!Nevermind the amount of money they are throwing away constantly just spraying over and over.Spraying is just one very small part of the whole procedure.You have to make sure to do all your laundry PROPERLY,preferably not here as we know the laundry room is one of the easiest ways to catch them.Then keep all those clothes in sealed plastic bags for I don't even know how long,I guess until you're sure they are all gone.Also you might as well also throw out the couch,bed,and any other kind of furniture that you have that you know they like.Everything you have in your closets have to come out before they spray.The way the spray they use works is like this.They use two different chemicals.The first one nails them and knocks them down for a while,but does not kill them.After a day or so they manage to fight the stuff off and come back to life.This is so we are supposed to think how well this stuff works as you are not seeing them hardly at all for a bit.So you are all happy thinking you have beat this problem,but you are wrong.Then this is where the second chemical comes in to play.This stuff takes about two weeks to kill each bug.But of course in the meantime you think they are pretty well gone,you are going in and out of your suite and letting others in and out of your suite,and now you are right back to where you started.The thing I just don't understand is that there are other routes to go to get rid of these bugs that actually do work and is way cheaper but BC Housing insists on just spending more and more and more.I also am so frustrated beyond belief with BC Housing but I also have no idea where you can go and complain about all of this that is worth complaining to that something will actually be done about it.One other thing I forgot to mention is just how much work is involved in properly preparing your suite before spraying.I mean it's alot of work for me and I am 40 years old.Well what are these elderly folks here supposed to do?All the help that is given to them is handing them five garbage bags and saying when these are used I will get you more.I just can't make any sense of this.These folks need some professional cleaning people to come in and help them accomplish all this work.There is no way they can do it themselves.And what is the use of just spaying and spraying and spraying,knowing it is useless?I give up also. CHOKED AT BC HOUSING

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I have lived at Ted Kuhn for a few years and got bed bugs. Staff were nice and had me sprayed that week, had somebody come and explain how to properly prep and move a few things, and they even replaced my bed for me. I am now bed bug free and just want to say, that yes this building has bed bugs but BC Housing did help me get rid of them.

also if you do get bed bugs while you live here it seems like they dont like to mention it but they have a service that will take away your bed and any other furniture you need to get rid of because of bed bugs, and its free.

bc housing is just disgusting. the laundry room and common areas are always being sprayed for bed bugs. one time i went to switch my laundry from the washer to the dryer and i noticed like over 50 bed bugs dead on the floor because they had sprayed the room the previous day after having sprayed the storage room. so i didn't even put my laundry in the dryer because i was grossed out. i have also seen a live bed bug wondering on the floor down by the laundry room a previous time and also one was i

n the hall of the floor i lived in alive.. also 2 of my neighbors on my floor had white tape along the floor outside their doors and i figured out why (well i assume this is why) because i saw a dead bed bug stuck to the tape of one of them. its crazy that bc housing cant or wont get a handle on the problem. they should be doing monthly sprays of every single apartment until the problem is gone. i was always careful but i ended up getting bed bugs and i never had anyone else in my apartment or put my laundry bag on the floor etc. so if your going to live in bc housing your going to get bed bugs eventually. there's no way around it. i moved out once i got them and tossed out my bed.. when you do get bed bugs, if your lucky enough and they have bed bug bed pads on hand you can ask for one of those but it can take over 18 monthes for a bed bug to die even when its not feeding so god forbid the bedpad ever comes off the bed.. and plus how dare they expect people to sleep on a bed full of bugs. also it doesnt help the bed bug problem that one elevator has been down for monthes and like 10 ignorant people try to all cram in.. fuck bc housing.

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I support Maureen's report of bed bugs. I lived at 13352 Old Yale Road #526 from 2001 June to Jan 2010. The first 6 years were fine only a few silverfish and spraying once kept them away. In 2007 bedbugs began. I along with many others lost furniture and many had no money to replace that.It was a nightmare of twitching and squirming and with many many sprayings, not being able to breath. It was at this time I developed a cough which has persisted and gradually grown worse and I quit smoking in 1

995 and was doing yoga and threadmill and prana breathing and all healthy things with my companion. All that ended. Companions couldn't come, nor could I go to them. Management accused us of lying about small things like laundry card use when we were trying to kill off the bugs. It was stress big time. Finally, they calmed down, so I, as now a senior, moved to a nearby building, getting on Safers. I still have the "occassional" bite. As I left, some other women were in need of understanding as their suite now had cockroaches and disturbing neighbours due to the 2010 incoming new people off the streets who again brought in bugs. It's a never ending situation. I come from a working class family who married into middle working class and struggled with divorce and changes in the world and myself. When I moved in there I actually was surprised most people were as responsible as they were. Always cleaning up after themselves in the laundry and cleaning the room when management didn't get it done. Just unhealthy people raised in unhealthy situations from a different era. There were other stressful situations there but this is about bugs so enuf.

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I am writing to report an infestation of Bed Bugs and Cockroaches at the Property situated at 13350 Old Yale Road in Surrey, B.C.
I moved into my unit in the Ted Kuhn Towers Building I on the 1st of April 2009.
I was told prior to moving in that there had been a bed bug problem but it was under control and confined to the top floors of the building. I was also told (by a B.C. Housing personnel) that these floors were being tended to and the building was nearly cleared of them.
I have never

had any experience with bed bugs or cockroaches before.
I was assigned a Locker to use to place belongings in etc. but was 'warned' by previous management, not to move my belongings into it because the lockers are infested with bed bugs. I have waited eight (8) months now to transfer my belongings from a mini-storage (which I pay monthly rental) into my locker here at the building. I reside in Unit 306.
I have writen letters to Management with no response as to the situation to-date. I am in dire need financially to move my personal belongings into my new home and utilize my storage locker. B.C. Management resonsible for the Ted Kuhn Towers will not reply to me.
I have witnessed the bug problems in different units. I have witnessed tenants having to remove their own mattresses etc. out by the garbage bins only to have Management drag them back into the elevators and be deposited outside the tenant's units.
I do not believe this problem is being agressively attended to. I do believe the 'bug' problem is spreading rampid. I fear having the bugs myself and in turn cannot use the facilities that were assigned to me.
I am frustrated that B.C. Housing will not address these concerns appropriately and am asking you to help me or direct me to the correct avenue in which I should seek out.
Thank you for your time and attention on this matter and I pray you can assist me with this. I know and have witnessed bed bugs throughout the tenancy building in which I reside.
Something must be done as soon as possible as it is affecting people's lives and their health.

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