14831 104 Ave
Surrey, BC V3R

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Bedbugs have been an issue with Greenwood Gardens for many years !!!As for the so called management what a joke !!! The managers are puppets for the property manager ( Hannah), what she tells them to do ,they jump!As for the so called maintenance ,well that is another joke! The conditions of the bldgs(all of Mainst Properties )are disgusting !!!!! Elevators not working most of the time, no heat or hot water most of the time ! As for them getting rid of the bed bugs or any ohther bugs , that will

never happen ! If anyone complains especially to Wednesday(Manager of Ashley Court) be very careful.He has a criminal record for assault against one of his family members!That guy will creep out any female!!!!Anyone looking to rent in that area PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM ANY PROPERTY THAT IS A MAINST PROPERTY!!!!!!!

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I have lived here for 3 years the buildings are constantly full of bed bugs and coakroaches.Management takes weeks to get them sprayed fortuently I have not had them yet I am desperate to find a new place.We have had 8 units vacated in the last 2 months.When you have 8-13 people living in 2 bedroom suites it is pretty hard to get rid of them

I rented from Mainstreet recently. In addition to the bedbugs, bedbugs, and more bedbugs...the landlords are criminals and threaten tenants with eviction if they complain about the disgusting conditions they have to live in. No hot water, non-functioning elevator, thieving maintenance people, sexual harrasment of female tenants etc. It's a horror story. Do not rent from Mainstreet anywhere.

If you value your furniture, do move to Greenwood Gardens. The place is infested with Bedbugs. The management has sprayed our place 3 times. This has done nothing to tackle the real problem.

Would advice anyone who is thinking about renting at Greenwood Gardens not to. There is cockroaches in this complex. As for the cleaniness in this complex,disgusting. The Manager and Property Manager are more concerned about renting the apts.

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