3900 Carrigan Ct
Burnaby, BC V3N

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3890 Carrigan court
3rd floor south wing

Canine inspection proved positive for bedbugs.
Inspector said they were present in the wall on the first and third floor and 4 apartments including the building manager's were positive for them. They said the manager would provide us with the date and preparation info.

Two days later I called the building manager and asked if she had the information yet. She gave me s dare two weeks after o reported them and I reminded her that is too late to pre

vent the spread to more apartments. She told me to throw out all my belongings and that our apartment wouldn't be treated and called me 'messy'. She has never even seen my apartment snd we had already prepped everything in bags ahead of time for the inspection.

Reported to the property manager, who told me he had only received reports for two units. I'm not sure why the other two the inspector described were not disclosed to him.

Treatment was this Thursday. Waited an extra 12 hours to return home, but it was still not safe enough to spend any time indoors because of respiratory reactions to the chemicals.

24 hours later done dead and dying bugs showing up but second bedroom still has babies all over the mattress. Building manager came to speak with me and said unprompted to throw out our mattresses, which is not the procedure recommended by pest control.

Awaiting second treatment, and as new tenants are moving into the affected unit next door before a second treatment, I am trying to contact public health for further regulations.

The bug situation is unfortunate but the misconduct is a problem on trying to remedy the situation.

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3846 Carrigan Court

I have left the above building because the building manager treated us horribly. She ignored our multiple complains about the mice in our apartment over an year, and we caught at least 50 of them. After multiple complaints, whenever we want to talk to her about this problem she yells at us, it is unacceptable. At last, we had to move out.

We just don't understand why she never take responsibility for her job, not only for us but our neighbours too.

3890 Carrigan Court

There are mice in the building - on the third floor. The manager refuses to come and have a look to see where they are coming from. It is the Building managers responsibility of ensuring at the very least that there are no mice in the building.

Over the last weekend we caught 4 mice. Now that we have given our notice to leave the place - she is already showing to to new tenants without ensuring it is mice free. I feel bad for the new tenants that have no idea what kin

d of apartment they are about to lease.

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3890 Carrigan Court.

Found a bedbug today. I thought I was having an allergic reaction to the mosquitoes this year but apparently I'm living on antihistamines because of bedbugs. I kept the dead sample, and have documented it and my prominent rashes.

Called the new building manager who refuses to even come upstairs. We do not travel, so these have likely spread from our immediate neighbours which are not friendly enough to talk to.

I will report back on if the company fulfills their l

egal responsibilities.

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To answer the previous poster's question:

Are they smart enough to crawl up walls/ceiling and drop down onto me in the night?

The answer is Yes, they will crawl through the ceiling light fixture to drop down on you.

3890 Carrigan Court, East Wing, 2nd Floor

Still a huge battle with bed bugs!!!

I have encased my matress and box spring in plastic covers. I re-inspected metal bed frame, in particular the wheels. I'm washing sheets and inspecting my bed every 3-5 days. Removed the headboard and pushed end tables away from bed. The bastards would have to climb up the legs of the bed to get me, and there I've wrapped fly trap ribbon sticky no-pest strip.

NOTHING!!! goes on the bed but me, after a fre

sh shower.

I'm now washing all my clothes (entire wardrode) and using enzyme spray on furnature/carpets.

Diatomaceous Earth sprinkled everywhere!

Latest research has told me to rip up carpet around perimeter of room, and pull appart metal heat register.

Are they smart enough to crawl up walls/ceiling and drop down onto me in the night?


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3890 Carrigan Court, east wing, south corner, 2nd floor.

Another 6 months since my previous report so in total now it's 1.5 years and I still battle the problem.

The number of fresh bites on my body is down from several large bites (which come from the full grown adult bed bugs) per night to just one or two small bites (new hatchlings) per week.

I still vacuum and wash clothes/bedding more often than I should have to (extra time and expense) and every time I get a fresh bite on my body

in the morning, I'll tear apart my bed within a few days and visually inspect every inch on every crevice and seam, trying to find the culprit. I've had good luck with spraying all over my mattress and boxspring (including the inside underneath as I removed the backing mesh) with 50:50 bleach and water solution, but I've needed to repeat this many times as it lasts only a few weeks before the little suckers are back!

I don't even bother to ask building manager for help. It's proven with other issues they are too cheap to bother. Someone slipped a generic Bed Bug alert and info sheet under everyone's door during the winter, but the bulding manager has never come around to inspect or follow up with me.

I'm certain my problem is because they are coming in from other suites!!!

I'm moving out of this over priced shit-hole soon, so I don't care anymore; other than to alert others and help spare anyone else from enduring the needless suffering I have.


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Just after moving in, I found hords of bits on my young son and thought he had chicken pox. Found out they were bed bugs.

Landlords were really nice an got a pest guy here right away, but the bugs are still here. I have athma and have never been so sick in my life.

Now there are new landlords and not a nice. everything I own is ruined. Garbage. I have a leather lazy boy I got 2 years ago. Garbage. I know they are in at leaset one other apt.

3890 carrigan court

east wing

battled this pest for over a year now!!!

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