385 Ginger Dr
New Westminster, BC V3L

Found 3 reports:

Sept 2011
380 Ginger drive, one unit reported bed bugs, has been sprayed and is waiting for second spraying. As per recommendations of pest control companies, adjacent units should be inspected which has not been done as of yet.

A canine inspection has been carried out and there were four suites identified with bedbugs. Those suites have been fumigated and a follow up fumigation will take place in another week. These treatments have been effective in other buildings and it is expected that these treatments will solve the problem. There have been no other reports of bed bugs in this complex.

There are bugs in at least one unit on the fourth floor, my neighbours confirmed they have bed bugs and roaches, we have only seen one roach once in our unit but our neighbours are moving and throwing there posessions out for fear of re-infestation when they move. I assume they came from below and more units are infested, many rumors in the Buildings but to my knowledge only one case has been proven.

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