215 Carnarvon St
New Westminster, BC V3L
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This building has tried to get rid of the bugs but has not had any success. I had to purchase covers that never worked and throw away personal belongings. They have had companies conduct endless sprayings, dogs, etc. All of it is a waste of time, this building is infested! I am writing this to warn others, do not live in this building!

This building has been inspected thoroughly by Vancouver Bed Bug Control Inc. and is certified bed bug free.

I am the owner of apartment building located at 215 Carnarvon St., New Westminster, BC, Canada. It has come to my attention that there has been a report of bed bug activity in this property on your web site (see: http://bedbugregistry.com/location/BC/V3L/New-Westminster/215-Carnarvon-St ).

I wish to provide our version of events regarding this matter and request that you remove that post.

First, the activity in this property was relatively minor and has been dealt with promptly and compr

ehensively by a very experienced and reputable company that specializes in bed bug eradiction (Vancouver Bed Bug Control "VBBC"). VBBC also provides an extensive warranty for their work in eradicating the bed bugs.

As the poster has indicated, our response to the problem and our pest control contractor's treatment was "very prompt" and that we have in fact "treated" the problem:

"Our apartment manager and owner are very prompt at getting them treated. "

Second, the only issue the poster has is with regard to whether the poster can get compensated for their expenses with regard to furniture and washing of clothing/bedding. That is a financial matter that is distinct from the fact that we have treated the problem and, as the poster themself has indicated, we have done so "very promptly".

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There are a number of units on my floor that have the rotten bloodsuckers in them. Our apartment manager and owner are very prompt at getting them treated. What I would like to know is if they are responsible for all the money I'm losing in this. I'm having to throw out furniture. I've spent close to a hundred dollars washing fabrics and this is just the first go.
This started for me around beginning of March. I recommend doing your own research because my experience with the exterminators

is that they won't give you much info. They WANT to have to come back a few times.

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