Shaw Ave
Coquitlam, BC V3K

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I have lived at both 535 and 555 for around 3 years now. Everything the other writers are saying is true. In summary,
555 Shaw
- Showers turn scalding hot to freezing
- Mice in the walls. Have them on the first and third floor.
- Ants
535 Shaw
- Mainly Ants and fruit flies. You have to be very careful when leaving anything out longer than 10 minutes.
- Outlet shooting sparks
- Hornet nest inside deck
The Landlord is not the most personal man however he is cooperative if you have a seri

ous issue you need dealt with. I had no experience with bed bugs luckily. If you have to choose, CHOOSE 535 (no mice).


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This place is awful. I have so many complaints I don't even know where to start. I've broken up individual complaints into paragraphs. Typically these affect most units, as I've been reading other peoples complaints online and chatting with tenants as well.

The showers constantly change temperature - making showering near impossible. It's really hard because you will be washing shampoo out of your eyes and jolting cold water will randomly start making you reach for the dials, then that cold w

ater randomly changes to scorching hot water which begins burning you. This is apparently very common.

Outlets are horribly wired, causing loud audible crackling/shorts when you plug in two devices to two separate outlets. This causes my TV to reset and whatever else I plug in to randomly turn off. To get around this I've run extension cords to working outlets so that many devices stay on.

The internet technician came by and took at one of my outlets and described the wiring in the building as a "rats nest".

The underground parking is outrageous. I've had my car broken into and no one seems to care. All the underground doorways are broken so the homeless just come in and out and dig through whatever they can find. This makes it very unsafe at night time. The state of the underground also resembles something out of an apocalyptic movie. It's just the worst thing I've ever seen. There's garbage in the rafters, the roads are all cracked so you need do avoid really nasty potholes, the doorways are just dark and scary. There's one elevator where all the buttons are burned off so it looks like several of the floors will take to to silent hill.

The ant infestation in this place is a disaster. I literally have never ever in my life seen a place with so many ants. There are ants everywhere. I'm not even exaggerating out of some misplaced cynicism. It's actually outrageously bad. I'm constantly finding this particular breed of "Pharaoh Ants" crawling around the walls. The ants have a distributed hierarchy, which allows them to have multiple queens. The queens then follow ants as colonies are disturbed and they set brand new nests in whatever dark areas they can find. I've gotten used to literally finding colonies inside my cupboards on a regular basis. They spread to all of the food and make me throw away countless boxes of things I could have eaten. They get into everything. If this website allows photos, I could post stuff that will make you throw up. You kill one and 20 take it's place. Just non-stop.

The building manager is just a write off. This guy cannot/will not fix anything. He has the tell tale signs of alcoholism, foul foul foul body odor, and a mean demeanor. I think this guy lost a child back in Boznia or something cause he's just got this look like something aint quite right. I've asked him to fix things in my apartment many times, and they're still broken. He seems to just "slap a new coat of paint" on something to try to fix things. It's absolutely infuriating.

Heat is another issue. The thermostat is broken - likely in all of the units. So you regulate your room temperature by either opening or closing windows/balcony doors. Too hot? open window. Too cold, close window. There's nothing much more to that.

Lastly, the garbage here is hilarious. Basically, there's just some dumpsters and you throw everything in there. I don't know how the recycling people allow this place to stay open. People just dump everything in the dumpsters and the homeless come by - and they're creepy bastards - and dive around looking for their treasure. When you see one digging around, you normally turn around and use the other garbage.

I'd complain about the mail, but it's basically just messy and broken. We typically have our mail delivered to other peoples houses and pick it up once a week. Seems to work. If we have something delivered to the apartment, it'll get stolen or broken into.

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This place is a total ghetto and bio-hazard. Very heavily infested with ants. I tried to get rid of them for 1 year, but the problem is out of control - they just keep coming. There's an access issues: my car was broken into, my mail box was broken into, hobos wonder around like they live here. Utility issues: water is horrible, very hard to take a shower. Building management is in denial.

i completely agree to this apartments manager being completely useless. theres outlets here that blow my devices, ants , rotten shower seals. but to the person who said they live in apartment 303 on march 12th 2012, stop lieing. because i moved into 303 in february.

i live in apartment 303.. its not ok. theres ants everywhere. my landlord is completely imcompetent

April 2011- October 2011

535 Shaw Avenue

We had bed bugs when we were staying in apartment # 302. According to the building manager and my neighbours, the apartment adjacent to us, as well as the one directly across the hallway from us had bed bugs. The building manager himself had them in his apartment below us (# 202). The manager had the apartment sprayed chemically close to 5 or 6 times if not more while we were there but they never went away and neither did the neighbours'. It is a kn

own fact that bedbugs are resistant to almost all if not all forms of chemical control so we requested him to have heat treatment done as that is known to be more effective (and costly too). However, the property management refused so we moved out.

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555 Shaw Avenue.
We have bed bugs, ants and a neighbor told us there used to be mice here. DO NOT RENT AN APARTMENT HERE!

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