Shaw Ave
Coquitlam, BC V3K

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This place is a total ghetto and bio-hazard. Very heavily infested with ants. I tried to get rid of them for 1 year, but the problem is out of control - they just keep coming. There's an access issues: my car was broken into, my mail box was broken into, hobos wonder around like they live here. Utility issues: water is horrible, very hard to take a shower. Building management is in denial.

i completely agree to this apartments manager being completely useless. theres outlets here that blow my devices, ants , rotten shower seals. but to the person who said they live in apartment 303 on march 12th 2012, stop lieing. because i moved into 303 in february.

i live in apartment 303.. its not ok. theres ants everywhere. my landlord is completely imcompetent

April 2011- October 2011

535 Shaw Avenue

We had bed bugs when we were staying in apartment # 302. According to the building manager and my neighbours, the apartment adjacent to us, as well as the one directly across the hallway from us had bed bugs. The building manager himself had them in his apartment below us (# 202). The manager had the apartment sprayed chemically close to 5 or 6 times if not more while we were there but they never went away and neither did the neighbours'. It is a kn

own fact that bedbugs are resistant to almost all if not all forms of chemical control so we requested him to have heat treatment done as that is known to be more effective (and costly too). However, the property management refused so we moved out.

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555 Shaw Avenue.
We have bed bugs, ants and a neighbor told us there used to be mice here. DO NOT RENT AN APARTMENT HERE!

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