Howie Ave
Coquitlam, BC V3J

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Level 3 1016 Howie Ave.. Wish I knew about this bug bed problem before moving in 2 years ago. Moved out as soon as I saw my bed and furniture infested.Have 2 small kids.. We have been bitten and never knew from where. Have always kept my apartment clean and this is not something that I've ever thought I would have a problem with. This biulding needs serious cleaning and inspections. Had problems with mice as well.

I currently live in this building found a note on my door for a K9 inspection for bed bugs . We are super clean people and I'm quite worried! I haven't seen any and really hope its not an other infestation ThThursday Dec 20th 2012

Nov 2012
1016 Howie Ave - Owned by Raymar Realty
I really wish I knew about this website BEFORE moving into this apartment! I lived here a few months with no problems, but recently noticed bed bugs and got treated. It seems really futile, however, because I've noticed them coming through the cracks around the front door to the hallway. How am I supposed to protect myself from that?

Our friend (a senior) is living in an apartment that has been infested with bed bugs for the past five years. She has told the building manager, who has not done anything about the matter. It seemed the bugs had gone but have since returned (she has paid $175.00 twice to have a pest control company come in and is finnancially unable to do this again as she relies on an old age pension) The man living in the apartment next to her also has said that he has seen bed bugs. Our friend takes extra c

are in trying to control the bed bugs, including vacuuming daily - including matress and box spring twice weekly and has gotten injured trying to do so.

This problem is out of control and it is likely affecting many residents in the building.

She lives:
second floor of 1016 howie Avenue in Coquitlam
V3J 1T4

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