675 Whiting Way
Coquitlam, BC V3J

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re: Anonymous post from July, 2011

find 3 bed bugs on matress!!!!office come to kill once, still have it.. need help !!!

bed bugs are terrible. i'm sorry you have it. they are difficult to get rid of but i have read on the internet of some people having had success ridding their unit of the pests. my experience however suggests that getting rid of bedbugs from a single apartment without addressing the whole building is ineffective. chances are, they'll come back.

when i had them (in ano

ther building, not yours), my unit was sprayed twice, and they still came back. i think they kept coming in from other units that were infected. i had to move to get free myself from bedbug hell. now i have an extreme/almost debilitating phobia of bedbugs.

see full report...

find 3 bed bugs on matress!!!!office come to kill once, still have it.. need help !!!

Bedbugs encoutered at this site as far back as 2005.

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