550 Cottonwood Ave
Coquitlam, BC V3J

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our 6th bed bug issue learned many other suites invested over last 6.,7 yrs. now ongoing problem here!! Like to also add one tenant makes it his life,s work to submit complaints and cause problems for anyone he can!! The surprizing thing is,manager takes all his complaints always! no matter how trivial they are,and alot of tenants were evicted or caused to move.,All felt or feel so intimidated by this person and manager here.Latest complaint now is,pawprints on his car that he seldom drives any

ways!!for a very long time cats and coyotees too can enter various holes in parkade!!Many cats live this area,and you cannot possibly prove one or another but he does!!poor owner now needs to keep cats in cages inside as they fight with eachother and she has 4 cats and 4 kids also foster parant! so sad she is now and can see all stress in all of them after threatened with eviction about cat!! Wakeup manager to options that are fair and humane please and soon!!eg how about maintain parkade fix holes they can and do enter/

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we have had several sprayings finally no sign of them after last spraying! this am woke up to bites swelling over arms ect../ Heard that building 9 for yrs had problem from bedbugs over yrs finally after given 50 dollar laudry card and 1,2 months free rent manager paid for moving to new location aware of items infested going to new location on ridgeway!!! sorry for tjat place will tell you!! we got 0 help with nothing!! so many issues over yrs pipes plumbing ect ect no help! items yjtown out

due to bedbug issue no funds to help at all!!C,mon how about all people sick of ongoing issues as this ignored,semand it taken care of asap!!put me on the list Will see how this issue is dealt with this time and if no help from management or intimidation tactics in response to my complaint ,no option other than proceeding forward to resolve asap tenant here bedbug issues for over 7 yrs now!! all I know of maybe more!!!

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I heard my neighbors were being treated for bed bugs few weeks later I started getting bites building 3 and keep getting them every few weeks treating it and moving!

building 14,we find a living bedbug.someone should ban the buiding management,they should close the rental.

Since March 2011 number of families living in various suits reported about the bed bugs. One of them was building 9 suit # 13.

Noticed very itchy spots and didn't know they were from bedbugs til I found one about 3 weeks later (Dec.2009). I buy about 1 can of Raid a month to help deter them from my room.

My roommates say they dont experience any bites, but i know they're lying. Don't know why.

Building 11.

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