517 Blue Mountain St
Coquitlam, BC V3J

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Good morning,

I'm property manager for this location, and I was working since 01.02.2012.

A)There is no more problems with any pest since 01.12.2012.

B) We are currently on pest prevention program with Abell pest control.
*Suppervisor email address: [email protected]

C) Please remove register as is not updated and valid.


Cascadia apartment rentals LTD.

This apartment lied to me and rented me the worst bed bug infested apartment ever .... I moved in and moved out the next day. I moved twice. The other tenants say they get sprayed every month. The landlord wouldn't give me damage or rent back. For 2 months. I left my bed and 2 couches. It was that bad in 24 hrs living in that building. The landlord told me they get sprayed for ANTS. and that they are PARANOID... Ha I saw it. This building should b demolished or condemned it put my life in shambl

es!!!! Horrible management!!!

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Yet again the bed bugs are back! I have notified my landlord and of course Nacel Properties is asking the landlord to find where they are coming from. I have found them in my couch. From reading the past reports of this address it seems this building has had a problem for a number of years now. Im thinking it's kind of hard to find the orgin of the problem as the little buggers can spread FAST! I have treated my place as best as I can. I have not seen a bug for a bit now but im sure they are not

gone. This needs to be dealt with. I think it's time to move!

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Management wont take care of the bedbugs in the building.We have been telling them for months. Finally he hired a one man company that has no credentials and only spraying a couple of apartments out of three floors of apartments.He has known about it over a year now, this is disgusting. Necal properitys was under a different name but changed there name because
their reputation was terrible.

From someone who lives here but not for long!!

in spring time 08. 517 bluemountain st. in coquitlam bc. keep getting new bites each night over a period of time. went to the doc. they thought it was allergies. it continued. went to doc again. said it was bedbugs. freaked out. went home. found one on matress. brought to doc to bring to lab. i have a young baby. i\'m not going to stand for this. told landlord, bagged up everything, washed 1 bag of clothes changed into clean clothes, went to friends house. waited for landlord to spray. took him

2 weeks! we still don\'t know what were going to do.have been bite free for 3 weeks and i don\'t want to move back in there. don\'t even know what to do with our stuff. considering abandoning everything, starting over with nothing, i know this sounds harsh but really what else seems reasonable? this incident fucks with me mentally. especially sux cuz landlord has not been helpful. hopefully he will give us a good reference cuz were moving regardless.

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