1105 Ridgeway Ave
Coquitlam, BC V3J

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Good morning,

I'm property manager for this location, and I was working since 01.02.2012.

A)There is no more problems with any pest since 01.12.2012.

B) We are currently on pest prevention program with Abell pest control.
*Suppervisor email address: [email protected]

C) Please remove register as is not updated and valid.


Cascadia apartment rentals LTD.

I suggest for no one to move into this building. they change managers every few month and no one cares. the place is full of cock roaches, mouse, ants all year around and now bed bugs. If you report it to the manager or the office all you hear is we will get back to you and they wont.there is no security at for the building either the main door is usually busted(lock is broken) and the buzzers don't work.


This place is a dump. Looks half decent when viewing but once in there for a couple days you will regret signing the lease. Insect infested, ants, cockroaches, you name it its in there. The landlords and managment dont care. People complained so often that landlords were quitting, they went through 4 of them in the 6 months i was there. Nacel properties are CROOKS!

This building is disgusting. It is ant infested, has cockroaches, and yes there are bedbugs too! The managment has no concern and continues to let people move in. BIG mistake to sign a lease for this dump or give them two cents out of your pocket

No bedbugs (yet!!) but the place has cockroaches. Nacel Properties does not care either.

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