5420 206 St
Langley, BC V3A

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I live right now in Park Terrace. The owners have put a new roof on the apartments. They have repaired and fixed the problems. They have repaired the entrance ways and cleaned the apartments up. I have no problems at all and am very happy to live here. The managers have been very helpful and friendly with me and my Family. They care what happens and they show concern for the people who rent here. The past is past...the present is now and it is a wonderful place that I still call home....no bed b

ugs or cockroaches or leaks at all...The owners have repaired and fixed everything. The apartments have been cleaned up and the people who reside here are very warm and friendly. I love living here and being so close to everything in walking distance.

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July 2015.. Was supposed to move in with my young kids.. Two days before got a phone call saying the apartment has bed bugs

Obviously we are not moving in but they have already reposted the ad...watch out

OK so I moved into park terrace apartments about a month ago and there have bin so many problems first day we moved cockraches.on the floor about three days later a flood so now no laundry and even more cockroaches then they found aspestis in the walls in hall way and had to break the walls open wich now led to more cocktail roaches there in our clothing food walls carpet its disgusting and now to top it all off they have to break down my bedroom was and they ate trying to tell me it's viable fo

r me my daughter and husband to live here yes I signed a lease but I personal y think this was ilegal to rent this suite to me with so many problems it should be condemned I will be moving as soon as possible plz do not move here as they will. Take advantage of u and it's disgusting here

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Bed bugs rampant in this building, Sussex, and Park Terrace...so bad had to leave all my belongings behind with no reimbursment. They actually want to bill me! There are also cockroaches galore just add to the pleasure. Nothing of any real value is being done about it. I bought a two thousand dollar mattress that I had to leave behind less than a year ago. DO NOT rent here.

January. 2012 bad problem in all Sussex Place buildings .Beware

This building is full of bed bugs...there are three additional units that I know of (including mine)in this building.

Landlord will not do anything about it and says that it is an isolated incident.

Apartment 226 in this building was sprayed for bedbugs almost a month ago. They didn't treat any other apartments, and the problem has spread to several others. Everyone is being really hush-hush about it. Don't sign a lease here unless you enjoy sleepless nights and itchy bites. :( If you break your lease early you won't see your damage deposit back AND they'll expect you to pay extra.

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