5401 207 St
Langley, BC V3A

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Bedbugs in 'A' Building now as well! 5421 207st you have been warned!!!

moved into this apt in May 2012 , seemed nice for the first 2-3 weeks until my son started to get bites . sent him to the clinic to get checked because we had no experience at all with bedbugs or anyone that had encountered them , there was only a couple so the doctor assumed they were flea bites. after another week or so my sons arms were covered with bites. at about that time the mismanagement informed us with a letter stating that the building was going to be sprayed for bedbugs.then we reali

zed it was bedbugs. thinking this would be the end of our problem finally , it was just the beginning . within 5 months of living there our apt was sprayed 3 times . the third time was supposed to be a 2 week follow up to kill any hatching eggs but after the third week i phoned management inquiring why they hadnt done a follow up and she had forgotten , so she called them to spray [ management could care less ]. i ended up moving end of Sept , left all of my furniture , beds , and dressers . this place and the three others are filthy dumps , there is always furniture and clothing and beds buy and in the dumpsters along with the hoards of immigrants and their children rummaging through them bringing the contaminated garbage back into the buildings .Owners and Management know exactly what is going on in their buildings , they just dont care . I personally lost a few thousand dollars worth of household items , time constantly cleaning , and living in bags for 5 months . I didnt give notice i was moving , the only time the management [ sharon ] confronted me about moving , she asked if i was moving and i said yup , that was it .the night time manager quit because of the ongoing bedbug problem . I think Owners and Management should be held criminally liable for knowingly renting infested suites to innocent VICTIMS , which will potentially lose hundreds if not thousands of dollars due to managements lack of morals and ethics . Cyclone properties should be burned to the ground and all responsible employees publicly flogged . just my opinion . Beware of Cyclone Properties

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The place is infested, all 3 buildings have problems and most of the tenants don't carry out the proper procedures to get rid of them. The buildings are way over populated. DO NOT move in here unless you don't mind sharing your place with bugs. They will never get rid of them. Its not only bedbugs, they also have carpet beatles and cockroachs. We broke our lease to get out, which cost us 200 bucks, not to mention the lost wages in taking time to clean everything and the mass amount of change use

d to wash every piece of fabrib in our place. Not worth it. If you value your sanity, stear clear of this hell hole.

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Currently a tenant here. We have found 1 in our suite, and have been bitten a few times. Our situation isn't out of control, but I have heard that other suites in all of the buildings have varying degrees of infestation.

This is why we can't have nice things, people. Boo on whoever brought these in. Having many sleepless nights!

This place is riddled with bedbugs, the entire complex of 4 buildings has them. Our neighbour next door was being monitored for bedbugs for a few months and we were never told. Needless to say the bedbugs eventually made their way into our apartment and we have had to throw out absolutely everything. This is disgusting. These complexes are way over populated and bedbugs are just running rampant. The entire building needs to be burned to the ground, nothing is going to get rid of the bedbugs.

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