20355 54 Ave
Langley, BC V3A

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20354 The Elm 2105/10/30. While I have yet to be bitten, I think, I am finding small teardrop shaped bugs crawling on my mattress. I squished them and they leave a red stain. I also saw a very small one that appeared to be translucent? I have seen them in the past but I can count them on my fingers. What's the best way to to stop this before it gets out of control?Im reading the horror stories from the Dogwood and don't want to live through that. I'm seriously medically disabled and and very vul

nerable to infection. My suite is spotless but I've seen how my neighbours live, disgusting, hoarding. I look at the pics online for bedbugs and I can't be sure that's what this is because they are so small. What else could this be? Help me please.

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Horrible infestation. Went into this building to help a friend who is elderly and sick. When I came home, I stripped in my entryway. Put all my clothing in the dryer, including my shoes and jacket. Very glad I took these precautions....after showering saw 6 bedbugs in the water...ugh!!! I live in a condo and can't be reseponsible for bringing these horrible critters into the building. BC HOUSING...SHAME ON YOU for letting sick elderly people live in these conditions!!!!! DO SOMETHINGING N


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I was told buy one of the tenants of Dogwood that they are going to spray entire building on Dec29/2010. The whole appt complex needs to be done. The peolple I ran into in the hall had no idea how bad some of the suites are, some people just said yes I know the bugs are there, but where can I go.

Dec 16/2010 Major infestation of bed bugs in my mother in laws appartment and many other people have told me of bed bugs in their appartments in the same building, The building is called Dogwood and is located at 20355 54 ave in Langley BC.

The bugs are so bad she is not going back, we have moved her into our house.

I have lived in this complex (owned by Lions Club) for about 6 years. While the management has been rather slow to respond to both preventive and eradication means, as of late (past year) they *have* taken the problem more serious.

Personally I did have 'some' bedbugs in my apartment, but never a serious infestation, mostly I think because I fought the problem myself first using Insectigone - diatomacepis earth dusting product that kills most insects as a result of them crawling through the d

ust. While this does not kill the eggs, it does help keep them from becoming a serious (large) infestation.

Also.. because periodically I still would get the odd bite or two, and even find the odd bedbug, I invested in a good steam machine that I use to steam all in and around the bed area, the entire floor (carpet) and anywhere I think needs it.

As a result I have now not seen a bedbug or had a bite for about 6 months.. so it must be working. I have not had to call management to call in the professional eradicators, but if it re-occurs I will. They have been keen to try to eliminate this problem.

Incidentally.. the same methods have eradicated a flying bug infestation of a couple years ago that looked much like carpenter ants.

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Yes there are bugs, five of the six buildings. some are very infested. These seniors are carring the bugs on their clothes and scooters, bus, restaurant etc. around town.
I am 90% sure the owners are not informing new tenants.

My mother in law lives in this building, and they have been treating for bedbugs since the spring. She now has them in her suite. It seems to be a big problem in these buildings. there are more than 5 building in this complex. It is a low income seniors building. I hope they let new tenants know about this before they move in

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