22269 Calligan Ave
Maple Ridge, BC V2X

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This is a drug and alcohol addiction treatment center. It has all kinds of men from all over the region coming in every week and staying for anywhere between five to eight weeks at a time. The date today is Sunday, September 6, 2009. This past week there have been numerous reports of bed bugs at the facility. There have been reports in rooms on the 2nd and 3rd floor. Room number 6 for sure, plus others. I know this because I am currently staying there and have seen the bites on several of th

e men and the doctor has confirmed with those men that they are indeed bed bug bites. The staff here is down playing the infestation in order to keep the men calm. The center is an outfit operated by the Fraser Health Authority and they have made it abundantly clear that it is the lesser of two evils to have men get bitten rather than have widespread panic in the house. They have not taken any action at the moment and, to add insult to injury, they do not even have laundry facilities that the men can use until the end of the long weekend on Tuesday. The laundry room has machines that operate with tokens that the men can purchase at the front desk. However, it is the policy of the center that the weekend staff are not to handle any monies including the one dollar cost of the tokens required to operate the machines. Let's just say that the facility is aware of the infestation and the lack of action is, from my perspective, is unsanitary and irresponsible.

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