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11/5/2012 The bedbug infestation has gotten right out of controlin this building and the Sunrise next door both owned and operated by Amacon Property Holdings. It's been horrific for tenants as noone was informed. Not only has Amacon head office but also the Maple Ridge Police been notified of the Drug Dealers that have been living and conducting their business out of this apartment building for the last year and half and nothing is being done. The Manager here has known the whole time as she w

as the one who informed me of who they were. Of course, it was not hard to see as people from every walk of life have come to get their drugs. It would not surprise me if they brought bed bugs with them as many of them look homeless. Many of them have squated in the stairwells and drug dealers apartment overnight. They have also been allowed to have two very aggressive pitt bull drug dogs here as well, terrorizing tenants. Not a pleasant place to live. I have been looking for a new place for the last few months to get the hell out of this slum bag, run down, filthy, bedbug infested tenament building. Don't believe a word that comes out of the manager's mouth as she is a pathelogical liar. She's quite convincing to the unaware but you will very soon find out. Please for your own sake do not move into this building, The Sunrise, Maple 1 and Maple 2 apartments as they are all owned by Amacon Property Holdings who are dispicable slumlords.

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I wrote back in June. The bugs are still very active around here. lots of people have moved out but all the drug dealers and addicts are still here and bringing in more traffic to. Lisa the landlord is hiding wont talk to anyone she is getting caught into her lies the poice have been coming over and dealing with the angery people yelling about the bugs how they have lots everything and how Amacon the owners have paid off people to keep there mouths shut. They are not and now shit is hitting the

fan and Amacon and Lisa are hiding and lying about everything. They said they would rather go bankrupt then put the tendint in hotels and put stuff in storage. so they all have said they dont want to let it get out in the open and they dont want to deal with it. they all lie and now Lisa is getting caught by a judge for lying saying she let the people in the building now about the bugs. will I can tell you this she told me when i asked her about she said shhhhhh i dont want people to know. I yelled and said. umm i have kids and we have our life here so ya you better get on it. she doesnt she has it in with the drug dealers and they pay her off. so she will always let the people in and the bugs will take over this building. im so sad because i cant afford to move im a single mom with 2 girls and seriously i would love to just move but i cant afford anything. so instead i have been calling amacon every few days complaining and calling the news and Lisa and SPCA about the pitt bulls attacking my kids and myself and they wont do a thing aobut it. just because im low income and still work my ass off and raise my kids. doesn't mean i deserve to live this way. IM PISSED!!!!!

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Big Suprise! There were 3 more suites found on Friday that are infested majority of the tenants here are refusing to let pest people in to spray and the landlord is NOT making them comply with pest company nor are they helping disabled tenants don,t move here I think it will get shut down if nothing happens in the near future

I am updating for this apt building at the last count there were between 15 to 17 suites infested earlier in the week with more to come I have NO report for the building next door but at last counnt there were 3 and more to come the same landlord runs both buildings and the same company owns them and they are still tring to hush up that this has happened and that bedbugs are not a serious problem! We ALL need large compensation checks after this is over to replace our belongings we have lost )


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Hi I am the person that was in the Maple Ridge News When I found out I had bedbugs the landlord said SSSSHHHHHH don,t tell anyone I got it under control I wasn,t allowed to speak to the tenants and not very many people in this building even know me so I went to the local paper I am glad it worked people are getting there homes checked and sprayed(: Now I am sick from the bedbugs I have a horrible infection in my arm and neck it from the bites I got in the empty apt on the second floor where I

was told to sit while my suite was being sprayed ): I hope we can all work together so we have a clean building to live in (:

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I live at 22260 122nd Avenue Maple Ridge and I had to find out threw the news paper that our apartment has bed bugs. I spoke to the landlord about this and she said she is keeping it on the down low and she had a dog come in and sniff the hallways. She is not doing anything about these bed bugs. She gets people from the east side to do repairs that are half ass and she has broken washers and dryers. we have rats all over the place and our mould is out of this world. We have slipped papers of rul

es and by laws under everyones doors becasue not very many people new about the bed bugs. Lisa works for Amamcon and she took the news paper out of the lobby that day so no one woule read the papers. I have talked to Health Board about this and this needs to stope. bed bugs are the worst to get rid of and no insurance will even cover the cost of the beds or couches anything that you need to replace. its a mess and slum lords need to be removed from this so people can live normal lives without bed bugs.

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