21650 Lougheed Hwy
Maple Ridge, BC V2X

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My elderly parents stayed at this hotel this past weekend and found bed bugs in their bed. They slept on top of the covers and moved to the hotel accross the street the very next morning. I would recommend that no one stay at this hotel.

I stayed at this hotel in August 2010 for two weeks. My room was #212 and my friend stayed in #213. I received well over three dozen bites during my stay there. I kept checking the bed for a week before finally realizing there was a serious problem. I didn't see anything except for some tiny little specks (that I since have learned are the bed bug droppings). The front desk staff were very nice about it, but it really made me suspicious when as soon as I mentioned I was being bitten by some

thing they moved me (there was no doubt I was being bitten as my face and neck had numerous visible red blotches). In any case....it's obvious that this hotel still has a problem years later, which makes me think the hotel hasn't done everything they should have to eradicate their obvious infestation.

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I took a hockey team to Maple Ridge, B.C. - Travelodge at 21650 Lougheed Hwy for a tournament on Dec 28 - 30/2007. Booked 8 rooms and it was ours (the coach's) that was the unlucky room (213). I got bit over 70 times and my wife almost 50. We both ended up on antibiotics and my wife's bites got infected. She swelled up like a balloon and to this day - 3 months later still has scars to prove it. We found a bug under a pillow, took pictures. The hotel paid for our room and our medication. But that

is pretty much a gimme when you have the proof of a bed bug. Tried to make a settlement with the hotel and their insurance company but they said their just wasn't enough proof. Go Figure!!
If I have my way Karma will prevail.
This website is just one of the ways to get back at them and make the public aware that it can happen to you and to take precaution whether it be a 3 star or a 5 star hotel.

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