45920 1st Ave
Chilliwack, BC V2P

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I moved in to this place because we had to move. Was told the HAD a problem. Ppl came in put powder all around the edge. Can't vacuum it up. Bug still crawl out of powder. Then another company sprayed. Stupud woman told me to get rid of my Junk. This AM wok up pushed blanket. Bug full of blood.the address up above us wrong

woodbine townhouses, someone i know moved in there two days later found bedbugs in her bedrooms up stairs she has had her furniture for over 10 years and never had bedbugs they send exterminator twice and there still finding them , and has seen other exterminator companys going into the complex they call a diff one each time,

Just to state that the Rhombus Hotel is no longer there, it was taken over and completly renovated by Coast Hotels. There have been no reports of problems there.

Rhumbus Hotel and Resorts
Chilliwack, BC
November 2007
Room on sixth floor FILLED with bedbugs, crawling on the beds, the walls, the furniture, and US!! Had to find new place to stay in at 11pm at night with our 1 year old, the number of bugs can not even be described there were so many. Management of the hotel NOT helpful in any way or form!
Contacted their Head Office # on their brochure only to be told that is number is not for the Head Office but rather their purchasing department. Coul

d not get a Head Office Number from anyone!!
Contacted the local health department and they closed to room for a week to be fumigated. Was told this was not the first complaint.
Pool area is also very poorly up-kept - holes in walls, etc.

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