530 Columbia St
Kamloops, BC V2C

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My husband and I checked into the Downtown Howard Johnson Motel at 530 Columbia Street on February 17, 2011. Please note that there are 2 Howard Johnson Motels in Kamloops, both on Columbia Street. This is the downtown location near the hospital. As we have previously had a bedbug infestation in our home and NEVER want another one, I thoroughly checked the room. There was a live bedbug on the floor under the head of the bed. I picked it up in a kleenex and crushed it to kill it. I presente

d it to the front desk woman who looked at it and said "hmmmm, I don't know...." Well, lady I do know and that is a bedbug!! We checked out very quickly and went up the road to the new Howard Johnson and were treated royally. Please don't confuse the two, the new one at the top of the hill on Columbia Street was very clean, had nice rooms and was bedbug free and was even $5.00 less per night!!

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