975 Tranquille Rd
Kamloops, BC V2B

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New Bed Bug problem, here at this address. Looking at the history this manager is fool hardy in thinking he can treat one apartment and claim he has complied! Bed Bugs are notorius for hitching rides and are very capable to crawl. Under the door they go and on to the next Apartment and victim. True eradication is a lot more complex than a single room or Apartment. Right now we are getting no support or co-operation from this Land Lord, wont even talk on the phone... We are proceeding with cont

acting all authorities and will move on to the Media in a hurry. Bed Bugs do not transmitt disease but have become a pest in Pandemic proportions accross north america. Health Canada, and the Land Lord Tenancy Assoc. and Prov. Health Authorties are paying close attention to these Hot Spots. Yo! Mr. Land Lord, if you read this you might want to pay attention!!!!

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The reports dated 09/01/2012 and 08/10/2012 are inaccurate. Regarding the report of 08/10/2012, the tenant did not report his problem to management until 08/31/2012. At that time he chose to deal with the problem himself and would not allow management to rectify the problem. Not until 10/15/2012 did the tenant allow management to address the problem. Flooring was removed, the apt. was professionally treated for bedbugs and new flooring was installed. The bedbug problem was isolated to this

one apartment and dealt-with professionally and thoroughly by management.

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There are bedbugs all over the building.I think is time to do something about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My friend is living in this apartment building. He is being eaten alive by bed bugs and 5 different types of other insects nightly. The Slum Lord, Dell, is not available for comment. There have been reports of a bed bug infestation in this building for years. Something must be done!

There are bedbugs in this building since at least May 2010.

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