939 Burnaby Ave
Penticton, BC V2A

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We were staying at the Sandman Hotel in Penticton British Columbia. My wife (who has seen bed bugs before in her profession) noticed a large bed bug on the ceiling.

We collected it and brought it down to the front desk in a pill container. We were (happily) moved into another room on a different floor on the other side of the building, until my wife stepped on one almost immediately in the bathroom.

We left immediately. The hotel staff refuse to allow the refund (we booked through Exped

ia.ca, and are refusing on the grounds that it was a "beetle"). They called in pest control later the following morning, but conveniently "all was clear" and we received neither a confirmation or denial that the found bug was a bed bug. They eventually threatened to call the police to escort us off the property, which seemed a bit ridiculous as we were only trying to get a refund for the remainder of our stay.

It might be worth noting that dealing with an agency (like Expedia) only allows companies to play the blame game in these circumstances.

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