439 Winnipeg St
Penticton, BC V2A

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My grandmother lives at this address. What was once a great enviroment for elderly to live and lounge has gone downhill drastically. They began to let "welfare people" move into the building a few years back and it was a HUGE mistake. Not only does the place seem less safe ( there was a stabbing there last year!!!) it has dropped in cleanliness dramatically. My poor 80 something grandmother found out recently that she not only has bedbugs but also other types of bugs.They are in her cupboards, c

lothes, bed, furniture, curtains...EVERYWHERE!!!She has been there almost 20 years with no problems before the government moved it from retirement only living!!!It is disgusting and a true testiment to this pathetic Gordy Liberal government that our eldery have to deal with such issues when they should be living comfortably in their golden years. PATHETIC AND DISGUSTING!!!!!

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