298 Maple St
Penticton, BC V2A

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I used to rent off of the Singla brothers, 4 separate residences, in the end of the last place I was in, unit 114 298 maple, I ended up apparently owing $3800 for repairs and cleaning as well as utilities that were "included" in rent. There was mold in 2 of the bedrooms and downstairs as well. Everytime I paid my rent, was in cash.. asked for a receipt, was told ran out of receipt paper, EVERY month. I kept track of what was paid to him, places were NOT cleaned before moved, neither was walk thr

ough of place. I took pictures before and after move in for proof, I doctored the pictures according to Paul, Judy and management of the complex. I would rather live on the streets, then rent from them again. Streets are cleaner than places as well as Management and Owners. DO NOT RENT FROM THESE SLUMLORDS! They will raise the rent every month if they were in a bad mood.

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I cannot believe that those people have any reputation in this town to the extent that that Sulla bag even has real estate license. I am Indian man , and these people give bad name to us Indians and make people not trust! Shame on you people for being rip off artist! I know your reputation has taken a very big hit singhla and hope soon you will be sent away you are Cheater!

re lani....do not put blame on past management..if u were to do ur job properly things would be better as well...the blame lies on the owners and present managers that kiss up to the owners in fear they might loose there jobs... those places should be torn down they are not fit for even bed bugs to live in....ones that think they can sit high on a pedestal...eventually fall off....

Lived at 298 Maple St Place got infested from apt next door spent 380.00 on exterminator threw out possessions took the 3 months did not pay rent to Paul Singla until he looked after the problem then was evicted Slumlord do not rent off this property I believe they came in off a mattress that was left by the dumpster. Very angry with Paul Singla and his handling of the matter but lived rent free on his stubborn nature.

let me know who this lady is that is protesting and i will stand with her


I would like this petition so I can address these issues immediately instead of waiting this long to do the proper repairs. Since I have all my repair orders up to date and complete I would be curious what needs to be done.I have evicted alot of problem units already, again I am here to make a difference not argue with people that have ill intent to what I am trying to accomplish.

are you for real, thinking that there are no problems in these complexes? drugs, mold and bed bugs are a huge problem, and to prove you wrong I have in and petition regarding this problem being taken care off soon. I cant wait till its done to prove that you are covering up a horrible problem.

It was related to past 3 years of management and charges were pressed where needed. Not slander- Fact.The property is a lot better now then it ever has been.Fact-I do my job properly therefore bugs,and drugs and landlords are not a problem.

It was related to past 3 years of management and charges were pressed where needed. Not slander- Fact.The property is a lot better now then it ever has been.Fact-I do my job properly therefore bugs,and drugs and landlords are not a problem.

i have also heard about the horror stories here and the bed bugs...these are dirty filthy places with wanna be landlords....to the new manager ..do you really think you should be slandering the old manager...shame on you...only in time will you know what these owners are like when it is your turn when they turn on you...

We the management at the Maples would like to address these concerns listed below. There is no bed bug infestation and any incidents that are not reported falsely would have been dealt with immediately.Due to past management, put in place to take care of concerns as addressed below, their job was done poorly and Mr.Singla has pressed charges where nessasary.Over the past 3 years management moved in drug dealers and stole funds from the rents received. There is new experienced management on site

that does criminal record checks and upholds a family friendly atmosphere.If you have any concerns or questions please call Lani Richards 250-490-1215 unit 103-296 maple st.

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Again BED BUGS in 296 115, 113, 110
298 127, 124, 119

When will someone stand up to Slum Lord ( Paul Singla) and his crack head side kick Judy have gone to City Hall but Paul is banging the Mayor so that is no help.... What can we do as residence to end this nightmare...

I have rented from the singlas the last 7 months. this month they came to me saying I owe them 1400 dollars in rent. I have a family and pay my rent on the 20th of the month so its done before the first. Half the time paul or his brother would not give me a recite and thats my fault. they also didnt give me a rental contract or do a walk threw in my house. they are money hungry, they dont do anything to make the complex safe. they cops are in the area twice a week at least. and other then biug b

ed infested its also drug infested and not a good area for children. i would only recoment this to my worst enemy

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We lived in the 296 side and Our unit was infested our oldest boy had hives every where there was also unit 109, 114, and 115 on the same side plus on the 298 side 119, 127,128, 116,106 all infested the owner Paul Singla just doesnt care this in not a good place to live... not a family place

bed bugs live here, you should not.

I have lived in these TOWN HOMES at 298 MAPLE ST
in penticton BC and they are overley infested with bed bugs. We have had numerious visits by exterminators to no avail. I would not recomend moving here if you own nice stuff.

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