165 Edmonton Ave
Penticton, BC V2A

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150 Van Horne St.
Penticton, BC
V2A 4K2

An apartment was infected here, but it was treated immediately, and the two adjoining apartments were also treated. Hopefully, this was effective.

I have not received any more updates on this recently.

Winter 2008 - We had heard rumours that there was a bed bug problem in our apartment, but since the landlord had never informed us of a problem, and we had never had an incident ourselves, we just shrugged it off. When we finally got the news from the landlord, they had waited until it was to late.... the adjacent 3 apartments were completely infested to the point that they were no longer contained in the suites but were moving through walls. We had to force the building managers to spray our

apartment, only after I had a severe allergic reation to the bedbug bites and threatened to take them to arbitration. Mentally and physically, it was exhausting. I couldn\'t sleep at night, noone would come over and visit us, I spent hours looking for them, but to no avail. Finally we decided to move after 3 sprays from the exterminator did not work. They said it was too infested in the walls to garauntee they would not come back. I called the health board to report the problem, as this was costing me alot of money and time now, along with the mental anguish. I also reported my problem to the tenancy board in BC. Each board told me this:

\"We are sorry miss, but there is nothing we can do, this problem is no different than if you called and said you had fleas\"

I was horrified! I could not believe that this was not taken more seriously!! If I could only post the pictures of my bites that I had,I can tell you they were not smaller than a Toonie and some spread to the size of a tennis ball. Please everyone, learn from my experience, do not waste your time trying to stay in a place with an infestation. You are better off moving. And make sure you report them! If enough people call the health board and tenancy board, maybe they will start to do something about it!!!!!

I am glad I found this website, for anyone going through this experience, please note that if you thoroughly clean your belongings, get rid of any furniture you don\'t need to keep, and move as soon as you can, you should be okay. I moved into my new apartment and have never seen another bed bug since, so we did not take them with us.

Good luck to you!

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