1838 Heimlich Rd
Kelowna, BC V1W

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We can eliminate bed bugs in only one treatment that will take 6-8 hours using heat. This will work the first time and we can treat all furniture, bedding, electronics etc. safely. We are full building remediation specialists with a proven track record.


Are you serious??? how can you compare chickens to bedbugs???? Chickens take 2 minutes to rid. Bedbugs take an average of 2 years!!! And that's not including if they have ridden your neighbours' place and they're not as diligent as you! Are you crazy? People have organized support groups and committed suicide over bedbugs. Hello, but when will that EVER happen over chickens?

Herbie, you are hilarious! I think raising chickens in the master would have a greater impact on home values than bedbugs. If I were you, I'd move my trailer to the other side of the park to get away from the homophobes!

Seriously, this website is a valuable tool used to report bedbug problems and to help people avoid bedbug infestations. Perhaps you could redirect your anger and post your comments on Craigslist "rants and raves".

I went to visit my lesbian lover who was house sitting here and OMG!!! The bed bugs were puffy and all red and filled with the blood that they must have sucked out of the chickens that were cooped up in the master bedroom. I could not believe how many were living in all of the carpets and rugs and I am fearful that they will have spread to the neighbours .,.. watch out for your property values folks!!!

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