315 7th Ave
Keremeos, BC V0X

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I was there last week with a friend and we saw bedbugs in the bed. At the beginning, the room seemed clean and I'm nor use to watch carefully for bedbugs. After few minutes, when I opened the toilet bowl it was really dirty in it and the bath drain doesn't work.

We had a bad feeling but who knows... So i went to bed and few minutes later bedbugs began to come up. It was a shock!!!

Like the other report said, we immediately put our stuff out of the room, checked out and the

man and woman at the motel didn't seem surprised at all. After we put our stuff in the freezer but who knows. Since i'm home i clean and disinfect all my stuff and I cross my fingers that I didn't take some bedbugs with me...

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We were to stay at this motel Aug 14/15 2009. We arrived at the room at approx 2:30 am and when we turned back the covers there were bugs on and under the pillows. There was also evidence of an ongoing problem by the stains on the box spring. We carefully checked our clothes etc and put everything in the car. Then we woke up the woman at the office, advised her of the problem and got a refund. She wasn't at all surprised which shocked us and then she asked us "how can there be so many so fast?"

and "who can get rid of them?" In our opinion, she knows there is a problem and isn't dealing with it properly. We feel quite sure that the room will be rented out again and the next person will take the bugs home. It close to ruined our weekend just seeing them, how horrible must it be to take the problem home?

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