5678 Alta Lake Rd
Whistler, BC V0N

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I recently moved into Chicago and stay for a month at a low priced and low class hotel. The first night i was attacked my several bed bugs. I took teh bed into teh hallway and swept all i could find off. After 3 days of no problems they returned. I found at the foot of the bed was a badly sealed hole that was full of them. At night they just simply crawled back onto the bed.

The eggs were all over the foot of the bed. I took several pictures and complained to management with no resolution. I

told them if i didnt get my money back I would report them to the Board of Health. Which I am still going too.

The hotel was call the New Jackson Hotel at 768 W. Jackson Blvd. Its a dump but it was teh only place that was close to where I needed to go and I was very short on cash.

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This is the HI-Whistler hostel. I stayed there one night in early December 2007. I started getting itchy soon after going to bed. At first I thought I was allergic to the sheets, then I started to feel the welts build up. Jumped out of bed, looked up the symptoms online, inspected all of my stuff, threw it in plastic bags, and camped out on the hardwood floor in the lounge the rest of the night. Left a note for management, demanding a refund, and got one. Apparently, they have a long history of

bed bugs at this hostel. I'd stay well clear of it. I think there was even a guy in the same room that night in a sleeping bag...

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